Toddler Christmas tree decorating activity

Toddler Christmas tree decorating activity

When kids are young, they love to take part in our Christmas tree decoration tradition! But with all those delicate, breakable ornaments and lights, this is not a very safe activity for them! We have fun making our own Christmas tree ornaments, like making paper cup snowmen, using our homemade white glittery clay, or decorating with dried orange slices! Another activity my kids had great fun with when they were smaller, was our toddler Christmas tree decorating activity! They loved how they could participate in decorating our home and my older kid enjoyed cutting out the decorations and gluing them onto the paper tree!

paper felt christmas tree decoration for toddlers
My kids having fun with our paper christmas tree decoration

Materials to make the paper Christmas tree

To prepare for the paper Christmas tree activity you will need:

  • Large green cardboard
  • Magazines or catalogs with Christmas themed pictures or printed Christmas ornaments
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Tape
  • Glitter glue pens (optional)
  • Garland (optional)
paper felt christmas tree decoration for toddlers

How to make a paper Christmas tree and ornaments

This activity is super easy to prepare! All you need is a large, green cardboard and paper ornaments. You can either print out some ornaments and tree decorations that you find online or use a magazine or Christmas catalog to use what you like! Try to find a star, or use some gold or yellow cardboard to cut one out.

Draw a Christmas tree onto the green cardboard and cut it out. Hang it using tape onto an easy to reach wall, making sure the kids can reach it.

The next step is to cut out all the ornaments you want to decorate the tree with. Let the kids choose and if needed, cut them out yourself and hand them to the kids.

Using the glue stick, apply glue onto the back of the ornament and let your kids glue them onto the tree!

You can use glitter glue to decorate the tree or glue on some garlands! Don’t fuss about how or where the ornaments end up on the tree! Let them simply have fun!!

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Use felt instead of paper to decorate a felt Christmas tree

If you don’t want to use paper or you need something that you can use again and again, consider using felt! You can buy wonderful felt tree decoration sets or make your own!

I love this one especially because it has led lights!!!

Some other fun ideas for felt Christmas trees:

To make your own, just get some green felt and cut out a large Christmas tree. Then, using different colors felt, cut out some decorations and make candles, gifts, ornaments and, of course, a star for the top! Put some self-adhesive velcro on the back of each decoration item and your toddler is ready to enjoy it! Again and again and again!!!

There are even more felt Christmas decoration options for kids, like these fun felt snowman sets!

We love our Christmas activities and can’t wait to try some new ones! Our favorites are making our own advent calendar and ornaments, reading Christmas books, and of course making and decorating Christmas cookies!!!

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Toddler Christmas tree decorating activity
Toddler Christmas tree decorating activity
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