5 Favorite Kids Books for Christmas

Since I became a mom, I wanted to give my children the chance to love books as much as I did. So, I tried and am still trying as best that I can, to find and read quality kids books with both of them. Reading books together don’t just add to their knowledge or just expand their mind; the most important thing about it is, in my opinion, the bonding with my kids. 

You synchronize for a small period of time your minds and having them on your lap or just putting your arms around them while reading is such a great way to enjoy these times together. I firmly believe that they will cherish these moments and I truly hope that every time they read a book they get excited about, they get the feeling of me loving and holding them, regardless of how many years have passed, or how far we are away from each other.

christmas children books
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Kids Books you can use in a DIY Advent Calendar

So, in that spirit, I try to make a very simple, but full of joy Christmas Book Advent Calendar for my kids. They are old enough now to show their joy and anticipation each year by asking me a million times before December: Mom, will you make a Book Calendar again? Little do they know that I enjoy this more than them!!! That means, that over the years, I have gathered a collection of Christmas books or simply beloved ones. Each year I add a few new ones, but old and loved ones are always a hit.

So here are my and our family’s favorite kids books – for ages from approx. 5 to 10 – to add to a Christmas Advent Calendar or simply read them this time of the year!

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Our Favorite Kids Books

1. No Matter What (Debi Gliori)

If I had to choose my undeniable favorite, it would be this one. “No Matter What” talks about the unconditional and endless love of a mother. The kid can break a thing or behave badly, turn into a beast or a big bug; a mom’s love will never end and never die. A beautiful story and a book to love and keep forever.

2. Mickey’s Christmas Carol (Disney)

This one is a classic and the edition a collectible! It is the well-known, didactic Christmas story “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, but every character is from the Micky Mouse universe. This makes the book more appealing to small children and less scary – especially when the part of the third ghost begins.

3. The Nutcracker (E.T.A. Hoffman)

A book about another world-famous Christmas story, the Nutcracker. You can find this wonderful story in tens of editions with different illustrations. I bought our greek edition just before we went to see a Ballet Performance of the Nutcracker. I love the story, the setting, the dreaminess of it. Ever since this book is part of our Advent Calendar!

4. Just right for Christmas (Birdie Black)

This one is a beautifully illustrated Christmas book that shows how something that someone doesn’t need anymore or has left over, can be turned into a present if it’s treated with love and care. I love it since it shows that presents prepared with love, bring joy to each and everyone, rich or poor, giver or receiver.

5. Someday (Alisson Mc Ghee)

A new book for this year’s calendar about mom’s love for her kids. If you are as sentimental as I am, you will love it. And cry over it. Big time. From the very beginning. But you will do your best to read it to your kids, especially to your daughter, without your voice breaking too much. Wonderful simple, this book is another one to keep and treasure for all years to come.

Tell us your Kids Books Suggestions!!!

Have you read any of these books? Did you like them as much as I did? Or do you maybe have some kids book suggestions for me that I should add to our collection?

If you don’t read books to your kids often, Christmas time and Christmas stories are ideal to finally start! Another wonderful tradition is to make your own Christmas Tree Ornaments, like the ones we made of glittery white clay or glitter foam sheets and photos! And of course, never forget making cookies! Every kid loves making, decorating and eating Christmas cookies, such as our Cookie Sleigh treat!

christmas children books
Share our favorite kids books for Christmas!

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