Shopkins Pinata and Soccer Ball Pinata DIY (Video)

If you follow my blog, you must have noticed that I love making pinatas for Birthday Parties! So, here a two more Pinatas that I made: a Shopkins Pinata and a Soccer Ball Pinata DIY (Football Ball Pinata for us in Europe :-)).

How to make easy Pinatas

The technique to make the Shopkins Pinata and the Soccer Ball Pinata DIY was the same as the one I used to make the tower for the Tangled Pinata. All I did differently was to adjust the height of the cylinder. Smaller height for the Shopkins Pinata and an even smaller one for the Soccer Ball Pinata. To make things easier, I use the cereal boxes as they are wherever possible, without trimming them. That’s why I have a huge stash of different cardboard boxes! I never throw them out!

The Shopkins Pinata

Since the Shopkins Pinata is a Birthday Cake Shopkin, I made 10 candles, as was the age of the Birthday kid! That made the Pinata even cuter, don’t you think?

Our DIY Shopkins Pinata
Our DIY Shopkins Pinata

Ah, making the candles is a bit tricky. I cut out small pieces of cardboard leftovers and rolled them into candles. Then I hot glued them to the top of the Pinata. Finally, I stuck some yellow crepe paper to the top of the candles so it looked like they were lit. The idea for this Pinata came from this awesome Youtube video, but I used my regular techniques. Watch it to see their way, but also to see how the candles are made.

The Soccer Pinata

The Soccer Ball Pinata was really easy as far as the shape and decoration with the crêpe paper The tricky part here were the black shapes that make this look like a real soccer ball. We used a soccer ball clip art image from the Internet, adjusted the size so it fits our ball, printed it and then cut the shapes and lines out. You can easily find such an image by googling it. Since the background is white and the paper is also white, it looked great.

Our DIY Soccer Pinata
Our DIY Soccer Pinata

In addition, I found a great cereal box Pinata tutorial with step-by-step photos on the site Confessions of a Refashionista. One thing I do differently is using way more tape (making my Pinatas a real challenge for the kids since they get near to unbreakable, ha!). That is a good thing though since if you have a large number of kids at your party that everyone will surely get a chance to hit it. If it doesn’t break after a couple of rounds, just rip it a little with your hands. The treats that will fall out will make everybody forget this little trick in a second! Another thing is the way I secure my string for hanging the Pinata.

Another great way to see how these Pinatas are made is to watch this video for making super cute mini Pinatas. Just use bigger pieces of cardboard to make bigger Pinatas!

There you go! Just try it a couple of time and you’ll get the hang of it! The kids – and the grown-ups – will have a great time and fun with it!!!


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