DIY Unicorn Pinata for a Unicorn Birthday Party

Well, if you thought that I was done writing about Pinatas, you are wrong :-)! I have one more I would like you to show, and it is a really super cute one. It’s a DIY Unicorn Pinata!

Have you noticed the immense hype with Unicorns at the moment? Everybody is going crazy about them! And I believe it’s really understandable! I mean, who doesn’t like Unicorns, right? Young or old, everyone loves them. What’s not to love? Apart from being all good creatures, they are beautiful, too!!! Or they would be if they, well, really existed! But who knows, maybe they do. And if one thing is for sure, little girls love them! In any case, Unicorn Themed Birthday Parties are all over the place, and so it was inevitable for me to make one for a friend’s sweet little girl.

DIY Unicorn Pinata
DIY Unicorn Pinata

What you need to make your DIY Unicorn Pinata

This time I got help from a friend, and so the Pinata was finished even faster than usual. But the result was amazing. We used the same know technique I always use for the frame. As for the decoration we used:

  • White crêpe paper
  • Pink glossy cardboard (for the cheeks and ears)
  • Blue glossy cardboard (for the eyes)
  • Gold glossy cardboard (for the horn)
  • Gold pipe cleaners (for the horn)
  • Artificial feathers in various colors (for the “hair”)
  • Tape and a hot glue gun

How to decorate the DIY Unicorn Pinata

Decorating the Pinata is really straightforward. Use the white crêpe paper to cover the head. Cut out two small circles from the pink glossy cardboard and glue them where the cheeks are supposed to be.

Then, cut out two eyes from the blue glossy cardboard and glue them in place. We chose closed ones, to make the unicorn look a little more dreamy!

Make a cone out of the gold glossy paper and glue that on top of the head. Wrap a couple of gold pipe cleaners around the horn (use a little hot glue to secure it into place). Glue it on top of the head.

All that is left now is to glue the feathers to the unicorn’s forehead and you are all done! Isn’t it cute? Almost too cute to break!

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