5 Rainy Day Ideas for Toddlers

Rainy day toddler games for having fun inside while it’s pouring outside. There are always things to do with your toddler to have fun while learning!

Oh, those rainy days… when there is nothing to do outside with your little one. Or is there? Why not put your rain boots and raincoats on and get outside, letting your toddler enjoy the feel of soft raindrops falling on their faces or sticking their tongue out and get a taste of it? It is sure that it will be fun for both of you! And you can always jump in the water puddle again and again (and again)! But what if it’s REALLY raining and cold and windy? Well, read on to get a few rainy day ideas for toddlers and ideas on how to have a great time inside!

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It is always a good idea to educate your toddler while playing – or is it playing while educating? Well, anyway, there are many things to do both while having fun!

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rainy day ideas for toddlers
Rainy day ideas for toddlers

1. Rainy day ideas: Finger paint fun

So, learn about colors by making your own, edible (since it can’t be for sure avoided of being eaten) finger paint with some greek yogurt and food coloring and letting your toddler paint on a large sheet of paper. You can also use non-toxic, safe finger paints. Of course that will always end up in a little – or big – mess, but the fun and happy face of your kid will reward you for sure!

2. Play music for the soul

Another great idea for a rainy day toddler games is to get out instruments, or anything that could be used as such for that matter, like pots, pans, cans, boxes, and so on, and just begin to make your own interpretation of known and loved songs. Or come up with new ones of your own! There is nothing more fun for a toddler then making noise and exploring sound and music!

rainy day toddler games ideas
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3. Water pouring for fine motor skills

Of course, for some more quiet – yet again potential messy – activity, is to give your toddler a few plastic cups and containers of different sizes, arrange them on a table and provide him with a small amount of water. Show him a few times how to pour water from one container into another and then let the kid take over! Little children just love to do play with water! And this improves their fine motor skills, too!

4. Bowling for fun rainy day toddler games

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You could also try a simple bowling game! Get a bowling toy or some empty plastic bottles and arrange them on the floor so they build a triangle. Next, show your toddler how to take the ball and throw, push or kick it towards the bottles, so they fall down making noise! Let your toddler try and watch him how thrilled he will get when he hits the bottles! This will help your toddler improve his gross motor skills while having lots of fun!

5. Wooden puzzles – a classic for a reason

Last but not least, the good old wooden or plastic puzzles with large pieces. This is a quiet, yet very enjoyable game, which helps your child learn new words, recognize shapes and items and improve fine motor skills. There are a vast variety of puzzles out there from which you can choose according to the age of you toddler and of the things you want him to learn. You can find themes about shapes, animals, farms, toys, transportations, house items and so on with just two or more pieces. Your kid will have a lot of fun and a sense of achievement once it gets a piece of the puzzle in the right place. Just give it the time to try, make errors, then try again and help out by giving hints.

So, there is a lot fun stuff to do and great rainy day ideas to have a wonderful time with your toddler!

But, after all, it’s all about being with your toddler and having some quality time together. Having your full attention – this alone is enough to make your child having fun and being happy.

We made pompoms!!!

Fun with pompoms

my pompoms
Those are the first tries – it’s going to get better, I promise!!!

As promised, I took my kids today outside and on the way to the grocery I made a quick stop at a store with yarns. We made plans to have some fun play with pompoms!

I bought a few nice ones – actually, some were chosen by my three-year-old son (you know how they choose, right? Son: “That one mom, I want that one!” Me: “Oh that’s nice! But isn’t this one with the many colors super-great?” – Well, it worked half the times and we, fortunately, avoided that awful brownish one he wanted at first!).

So, back at home, we began with the pompom making!!! That was fun!!! First, I tried a few methods and determined that I liked the one with only using the hands better. Next, I asked my boy for his helping hand. Literally! I used his sweet little hand for the first step. He was delighted! I don’t think he stands often that still for that “long”. Meanwhile, my 18-month old girl decorated the whole house laughing and running around with the neon-yellow yarn! She was having a blast!!! As soon as my son’s job was done, he moved on helping her decorating! You can imagine what my house looked like!

Next, I made the knot (it has to be as tight as possible). And then the cut with the scissors (you’ll need a good scissor for best results). And then… well then… well, at least my kids loved them, lol!!!

It took a few moments for me to realize that trimming the yarn was of out-most importance!!! Also, I maybe should choose some thinner yarn next time. Oh, and next time I’ll choose some funny yarns, too. You know, those fluffy, or flattened ones. And I saved the yarn that was trimmed. I really don’t know why!!! Maybe I’ll find some way of using them, stuffing something with it, perhaps.

Anyway, it was fun and we will surely make lot’s of them – after all, we have the yarn!!!

Baby finger food tips and ideas

Here you can find out about some things I used to train my baby to finger feed

baby finger food

Somewhere after the age of 9-10 months, babies start demanding to eat food with their hands. And by all means, let them do exactly that! It will create a mess, agreed, but it is a very important development stage for your baby to do exactly that. It needs to explore the food, get to know it, examine it in every aspect, not just to fill the belly. So, in order for your baby to get to love food, here are some baby finger food tips.

Offer a variety of foods

Give your baby a great variety of foods. Use different foods with different colors, shapes, and texture, and let your baby explore. It will squeeze it, smash it, smear it, and hopefully, taste some of it. The amount that ends up in its mouth is of secondary importance.

Let your baby show you how much food it needs

Let your baby decide about what it eats from the things you put in front of him, and how much it eats. After all, your baby is the only one who really knows when its stomach is full. However, you will decide the time for eating, which should be – as much as possible – constant. Also, you need to be the one who decides what you put on the table, especially when your baby becomes a toddler and, later, a preschooler. Don’t push your toddler to eat more than it wants to or else it will have difficulty learning to listen to its own body saying “I’m full”.

Keep mealtime without distractions

Don’ t use distractions like loud music or TV to “trick” your baby into eating. That could cause overeating and establish bad habits.

Choose healthy foods for baby finger food

Iron-rich foods are very important. They should be on your meal plan most days of the week. Such foods are beef, turkey, chicken, veal, lentils, beans, and spinach. Give a little orange juice to your toddler, or include some Vitamin C rich foods on the menu, such as broccoli or lemon. Vitamin C helps in absorbing iron.

Don’t mind the mess

Your baby will create a mess. You will clean it up. Again. And again. And, for an unbelievable number of times, again…

Hold on to memories

Have a camera at hand. Nothing beats the cuteness of such a little face covered in sauce!

Find yummy, toddler-friendly recipes and foods

Having said all that, you can find our favorite, full of nutrients meatball with veggies recipe here. This one is perfect to make small meatballs for your toddler to tear apart and taste! This recipe helped me with my little girl, who wanted to eat by herself from very early on. She never was much of an eater, so I needed to make every bite count. And, to be honest, we all love eating them!


5 Rainy Day Ideas for Toddlers

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