Easy and Cute DIY Christmas Ornament Snowman

diy christmas ornaments snowman parade_edited

A couple of days ago, our DIY Advent Calendar had a lovely activity proposal for us: make some Christmas Ornaments for our tree! And of course, we went on to implement the proposal! This year, we chose to make some cute, easy and fun DIY Christmas Ornaments Snowman out of inexpensive paper cups.

diy christmas ornaments snowman on tree_edited
DIY Christmas ornaments snowman on the tree

Materials you will need

diy christmas ornaments snowman materials
Materials you will need to make some DIY Christmas ornaments snowmen
  • some plain white small paper cups (espresso size),
  • markers or acrylic paint (black and other colors of your choice),
  • washi tape (optional),
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • felt (orange and other colors of your choice) and
  • a little string or ribbon.

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How to make a DIY Christmas Ornaments: Snowman

Start by decorating the top of the cup (right under the opening) with markers or acrylic paint or washi tape like you imagine the snowman’s scarf would look like. Next, using a black marker or black paint, paint a few “stones” for the buttons, the smile, and the eyes of the snowman. Cut out a small triangle out of the orange felt for his nose and glue it in place.

diy christmas ornaments snowman nose_edited
First step: decorate the “head” of our snowman ornament

Now it’s time for making the hat. You can make whatever hat style you want! If you ask me, beanies and top hats are the best for a snowman, but let your imagination be your guide!

Snowman hats

To make the most common winter beanie, just cut out a rectangular piece of felt, sized a little larger than the base of your cup is. Make a cylinder by gluing the small sides together. Pull the beanie over the base of the cup and glue it in place. With a small piece of string, make a tie on the beanie somewhere over the base.

diy christmas ornaments snowman beanie_edited
Make the cylinder out of felt
diy christmas ornaments snowman cylinder string_edited
Glue the cylinder on top of the head of the snowman

With the scissor make a few vertical cuts (fringes) to the top of the beanie right down to where you have made the tie.

That’s it already! The only thing left to do is to add a small piece of string or ribbon for hanging, by either using a needle or some glue.

diy christmas ornaments snowman string_edited
Cut some fringes and glue a small piece of string to hang

Make a whole bunch of them so no snowman feels alone on the tree!

diy christmas ornaments snowman parade_edited
My kids made a few of them so no one feels alone!

I love how cute they look and how versatile they can be!!! Also, they are really easy and fun for small children to make! They are definitely a Christmas craft keeper, as the Christmas ornaments out of white clay we made last year, are!