Nerf Target Pinata DIY for a Nerf Birthday Party

My son is growing up so fast!!! I can barely keep up with all the changes happening! For his 10th birthday, he didn’t want most of the usual birthday stuff, except for two things: A nerf-themed birthday cake and a matching nerf pinata! The ideas for a nerf party are countless, but my son didn’t want any of them… so we made an easy, DIY nerf target Pinata, using a different approach, as I wanted to use some of his nerf guns!

Easy nerf target pinata for great birthday party fun
Easy nerf target pinata for great birthday party fun

We just bought some different sized paper cups, elastic bands, and blue and orange tissue paper – and of course, wrapped sweets. To make this easy pinata, put one or more pieces of candy inside each cup and covered the cups by using a piece of tissue paper and an elastic band. Also, cut a big circle out of cardboard and start arranging the paper cups on it making circles out of same-sized white cups, starting from the outside.

You will have to finish with a single paper cup in the center of the circle (we put extra bounty in that one!!!). If needed, you can rearrange the cups and cut the excess from the cardboard circle. Then, proceed to glue each cup into place. Since the tissue paper is very delicate, you need to be careful not to rip it. For a finishing touch, wrap the outer circle of cups with a strap of tissue paper.

easy nerf pinata instructions
Easy nerf pinata instructions
nerf birthday pinata cups
DIY nerf birthday pinata using paper cups

Things to do before starting to hit the DIY nerf target pinata

Next, we used a couple of not used tissue paper wrapped cups to find out the perfect distance to shoot from. It had to be close enough so the nerf bullet would have enough power to rip the paper, but it should remain a challenge to hit the target! Now we were ready for the party! We found a tree to put the target against and everyone took their turn! Little kids could get closer. If you can’t find a tree or something else to put the pinata against, try making some stands out of cardboard and glue them to the back of the pinata. If you want to try this idea, be sure to have some extra nerf bullets and nerf guns around!

Time flies, and as I mentioned, my son already begins to change his party preferences! Who knows how many chances are left for me to throw a kid’s birthday party!

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    1. Yes, we almost always use hot glue in our projects! But I imagine that other types of strongish glue or even double-sided adhesive tape would do the trick!