Dried Citrus Christmas Decor And Ornaments

Here I am again with my dried citrus Christmas Decor ideas! I already have written about dried fruits ornaments and roses made out of citrus peels. What can I say, I just love the look of them and how easy they are to make! Did you know that you can use apples and pears as well as citrus fruits? And some people cover the slices after drying with clear craft varnish or decoupage glue, to keep them for a long time. You can use the dried fruit for making a beautiful Christmas wreath and spiced, with cinnamon or cloves, ornaments. Those dried fruits are great additions to garlands and they smell beautiful! I really suggest to dry them on the radiators now that it is winter. That way you save money from burning your oven.

dried fruits

Dried citrus fruits, apples and pears (image source)

Citrus Christmas Decor: Wreaths

Dried Citrus Christmas Decor dried fruits wreaths
Dried fruits wreaths (image source)

You could also buy one of these wonderful wreaths and add some Christmas decoration to it to make it more christmasy!

Dried Fruit Christmas Ornaments

citrus and spice ornament
Citrus and spice ornament (image source)
Dried Citrus Christmas Decor Dried fruit bells
Dried fruit bells (image source)

Whole Dried Oranges Christmas Garlands

Dried Citrus Christmas Decor dried fruit and spices garland
Dried fruit and spices garland (image source)

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Did you know you can buy dried natural materials to create your wreaths or garlands? There are even whole dried oranges or handy mixes of materials… You can find them here from Amazon.co.uk:

Dried orange slices and other natural craft material can also be found on Amazon.us:

And another idea

Dried Citrus Christmas Decor christmas garland and wreath
Christmas garland and wreath (image source)

Such beautiful ideas!!! Give it a try!

If you are looking for more Christmas craft ideas or Christmas Ornaments DIY’s, you can find a lot of them on Posimagine!

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