Orange Peel Rose: a Romantic Dried Fruit Decoration Idea

Orange’s peels are very versatile, as it seems! Here is another idea on how to use the peel: make an amazing orange peel rose out of them.

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The kids can easily help at any stage. Just the peeling will have to be done by a grown-up. And maybe when you need to stabilize something with a toothpick, you should do that, too, if your kids are not old enough.

All the other stuff – making the oranges, arranging them, dust them with some confectioner sugar, and eating the oranges, of course (lots of vitamins and Vitamin C!) – all can be done by the kids!

We have a lot of other fun craft ideas to make with the kids, so take a look at our other posts, like making easy canvas art or some beautiful string art to decorate your home!

So, here is how to do it and some ideas to display them.

romantic orange peel roses
Romantic orange peel roses

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How to make an orange peel rose

It is really easy. Peel the oranges carefully and then just roll them up. Ready are the orange peel roses!  When they are fresh, they are great decor for salads or other dishes, and if you let them dry, they can be used for decorating your home. By adding some essential oils or cinnamon sticks, they will make the room smell wonderful.

Find out more in our post with detailed instructions with lots of photos, and how using two different peeling tools can affect the results:

How to make Romantic Orange Peel Roses: Step by Step photo instructions

How to make orange peel roses
How to make orange peel roses (image source)

Decoration ideas with orange peel roses

  1. They can decorate wreaths, along with whole citrus fruits:

2. They can become pieces of art:

Framed orange flowers
Framed orange peel roses (image source)

3. They can make colorful additions in natural potpourri mixes,

orange peel decoration
Orange peel roses together with other natural potpourri

4. They can even become a beautiful flower bouquet that will last for a long time and smell like a walk in nature!

dried orange peel bouquet
Dried Orange Peel Roses as a rustic flower bouquet (image source)

Roses of other fruit peels

You can use other citrus fruits as well. Then you will have a nice variety of flower sizes and colors!

Roses fruit peel
Roses out of citrus fruit peels (image source)

I even tried to make a kiwi peel rose! It looks great when it is fresh and is ideal to use to decorate a table or dish! When it dries though, it loses its beauty.

kiwi peel rose
A rose out of kiwi fruit peel

Other flowers out of citrus fruit peels

And lastly, by cutting the peel on the one side (zick-zack or curves) and then rolling them up, you will get some beautiful flowers, even other than roses!

Various flowers out fruit peels
Various flowers out of orange peels (image source)
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    1. Hi! I’ve never tried to dye them myself, but I’ve read that you could dye dried peels with old nail varnish. Also dying the peels with food color might work (like when we dye easter eggs), or using fabric dye maybe, after having them dried once. I hope that helped! Let me know if you try any of this!