Orange Peel Roses: Step by Step photo instructions

I love the smell of oranges and there is a perfect way to enjoy the smell and make beautiful, natural decorations as well: Orange Peel Roses!!! I wrote about these romantic Orange Peel Roses a long time ago (my dear, it’s been seven years!!!).

This time, I tried using two different peeling tools to see if it would make any difference! And what a difference it made!

At first, I used a regular stainless steel peeler (peeling tool), and then I tried with a simple peeling knife. Here is a step by step photo instructions on how to make these romantic orange peel roses with both tools!

orange peel roses
Orange peel roses

Orange peel roses using a peeler

As I said, at first I used a normal stainless steel peeler, one that I use to peel vegetables and apples mostly. I choose a beautiful orange for this, and started peeling. You have to be careful to not break the orange peeling line, you want a long peel to be able to make roses! Press the peeler evenly down onto the surface of the orange and move the peeler in a spiral downwards, trying to keep the peel stripe even. When you have peeled fairly all of the orange, you can detach the end of the peel from it.

Now it’s time to make the rose. Take your orange peel stripe and start wrapping it around itself skin out, like you would do with a ribbon. Make it as tight as you like, but don’t leave it too loose or your roses will unwrap. You can use a small toothpick or a pin to secure it (try not to damage the orange skin).

Now you can let it dry, either at room temperature, in the oven on low temperature, or as I did, by putting it on our heater.

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Orange peel roses using a peeling knife

The second orange I peeled using a peeling knife. You follow the same steps as with the peeler, but you will notice that the peel will be thicker. Try not to cut into the orange flesh and try to get an even stripe as with the other tool. To get a good start, you can first cut the orange’s top and continue in a spiral until you have peeled the whole orange, trying to keep the stripe’s width even.

Now, like above, wrap the stripe around itself, creating a beautiful rose. Secure the peeling’s end and let it dry like the one before.

Step by step how to make a beautiful orange peel rose!!! Pin or share it if you like it!
orange peel roses
I use my heater to dry the roses faster

Differences I noticed using the two peeling tools

The differences I noticed are quite big! The first rose, made out of the orange peel I removed with a peeler, was more delicate, small and without much of the white stuff of the peel. It looks and smells amazing though!

The second rose looks bigger and more impressive. The white of the orange’s peel also really pops out, making the rose a lot more interesting. It, too, smells of course amazing!

Between these two, I think I prefer the second one because the white makes the rose more beautiful, and it is bigger than the other, making it stand out!

But really, both are worth it, and eating the oranges will make you healthier, too!!! You can find more ideas on how to use citrus peels on Posimagine, like making beautiful Christmas ornaments and garlands or orange peel decorations using cookie cutters!

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