Our DIY Ping Pong Table for indoors how-to

how to make a diy ping pong table for indoors
how to make a diy ping pong table for indoors

As a Christmas present, my son asked for a ping pong table (otherwise known as a table tennis table) to have inside our home. Naturally, our first calm response was: “You can’t be serious how do you think that could ever fit inside of this place what do you mean in our living room there is no space for that!”

After rethinking it though, and as it was what he really – really!!! – wanted for Christmas, we thought we could manage fitting in a smaller version of a Ping Pong table inside our spare room.

He agreed and we started searching for a mini ping pong table. There are many options out there. I really liked one that not only had a small ping pong table, but also other mini-games, like billiard, air hockey, and foosball. Especially one multi-game with table tennis caught my eye, which could even be folded, so more space-saving! Unfortunately, it was too late to order it, it would never be here in time… so, my husband thought, why not find something to make by ourselves? After all, we make a lot of crafts and DIYs!

How to make a mini ping pong table

To make a homemade ping pong table, Mike found a table surface at a DIY furniture store on sale for 15€ that had a good size (140*60cm). It was made out of an ideal wooden material with coating and the color was nice, too. Keep in mind that you can’t use a metallic, poor plastic or a glass table for that, because the ball won’t bounce as it should. Also, we thought briefly about spray painting the table green or blue, but since it was a nice dark color, we decided to leave it as it was.

He also found a set of four table legs of a good height of 70 cm on sale for 20€ and brought them home. Another thing he grabbed was white durable tape.

The last thing needed to build the ping pong table was a set of table tennis rackets and balls, which included a net and the necessary bits to attach it to a table.

diy table tennis table
You don’t need much to make a great fun table tennis diy

Materials to build a Ping Pong table

In summary, here are the materials to make a DIY ping pong table that fits inside a home:

  • A suitable table surface, size app. 120x60cm or 140x70cm and four 70 cm height table legs. Or use an already assembled table, preferably one that folds for easy storage
  • White professional self-adhesive tape (2 cm width)
  • A set with ping pong rackets/paddles, balls and table net and all necessary bids to attach to a table

You can guess what happened next! My hubby securely attached the feet to the table. He used the tape to make the lines like on a real ping pong table and attached the net. The net itself needed to be cut to size so it would fit the table we bought.

diy mini ping pong table
A diy ping pong table will provide hours of fun!

And T-A-R-A!!! Behold a homemade diy Ping Pong table!

My son was thrilled when he found it on Christmas Eve! He loved it and he won’t stop playing since he got it!!!

The whole thing summed up to cost about 50€, and if we had more time to hunt for bargains we could do even better than that!

Things to think about

A minor negative thing about our DIY table tennis table is that you can’t play alone. You know, like those big folding ping pong tables that allow you to do that by folding one side up. But we are trying to figure something out, let’s see what we come up with.

If we are going to ever make another one, I think I would choose a slightly different sized table. Perhaps size 120x60cm or 140x70cm. Or I would buy a folding in the middle table. Those can be found in furniture stores or camping equipment stores. They are easier to store when not in use!

The good thing about your own DIY Mini Ping Pong Table is that after your kids have outgrown it or are getting tired of it, we can always use it as a normal table for our crafts or other use! This way it won’t end up unused in an attic or garage, or, even worse, in the trash, like a bought one probably would!

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