Our 5 Favorite (not that common) Family Board Games

family board games
Favorite family board games

Christmas is just around the corner and we all are looking for some great gifts, especially for the little ones. There are some wonderful, timeless family board games, that always bring joy to children, like Monopoly, UNO, Guess who?, Scrabble, Puzzles, Dominoe and so on.

I didn’t really know that there were such wonderful family board games out there, other than the common ones I mentioned. But after trying a couple of new hobbies (photography mainly – you can read about it here), we tried a new family hobby: Not that common, modern board games! Check out our top 5, that we and my kids really enjoyed or still enjoy playing.

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Family Board games: Colorama (ages 3+)

The Colorama board game is a fun, colorful game that also helps children learn about colors and shapes. We have played the game over and over again and even now, that my kids are 7 and 9 they bring it out once in a while. It is an easy, fast game that all kids enjoy.

Labyrinth (7+)

The Labyrinth board game was one of my favorite board games when I was little! So naturally, I wanted to pass it on to my kids! First, I played the Labyrinth Junior (4+) with them, but they quickly got the idea. We soon moved on to the classic Labyrinth (7+). This one is more challenging but great fun and it really makes kids think!

I recently found out that there are some special editions of the game like Frozen II Junior or even a Harry Potter Labyrinth!

Leo goes to the barber (6+)

Leo goes to the Barber board game is another wonderful fun game for the kids. The goal is to get Leo in time to his barber appointment. It’s a game where the kids have to work together, which is a concept I love. They also must remember the funny obstacles or really talkative friends they find on their way.

IceCool (6+)

IceCool board game is a dexterity board game. That means that besides thinking about a strategy, you also have to use your hands to push the penguins. Everyone gets one penguin and one of them is the supervisor who tries to catch the others. The rest of the players try to get the fishes… it’s a really fast and fun game that the kids enjoy every time!

Dixit (8+)

The Dixit card game is one of the most imaginative games I have ever played. You each get cards with some beautiful, abstract, dreamy pictures.Then the player who is the storyteller has to describe it, but not too exact! The rest of the players have to add a card from their hand that get’s as close as possible to the description. Lastly, they must vote on which card they think is the storytellers. The game really gets your brain working in so many different ways! And if you ever get tired of the pictures in the main game, there are a lot of expansions with new, wonderful art out there!

Maybe you can get some useful ideas for your Christmas shopping! And if you have a board game your family enjoys playing, I’d really love to hear about it (I have to do some Christmas shopping, too!!!). And if you need some ideas about great children’s books for Christmas that we love, you can check out our post with our top 5 list.

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