Kids Craft Project: 5 tips to choose the perfect one

Almost all of us moms are constantly looking for new ways to entertain our kids, to give them insight, to broaden their horizons! And that is not easy! There is a ton of different suggestions on the Internet, and since both our time and our kids’ time is precious, we need to choose how we spend it wisely! So here are my top 5 tips on how to choose the best kids craft project, so you won’t waste your time!

Kids craft project 5 tips to choose the perfect one
Kids craft project 5 tips to choose the perfect one

1. Check out if the kids’ craft idea is a good fit for your kid

Sure, this make-your-own-doll-house looks amazing and it really sounds easy! But what if small hands come into play, to cut wood or sew some curtains for it to make it look that amazing? Well, it simply won’t happen!

Most of kids craft ideas out there are actually made by grown-ups. That’s ok, but if your child sees that prototype, it’s bound to be disappointed by the look of its’ own creation.

And if you jump in and help, well, I have noticed that if I say for example: “My little girl made that!”, when all she did was handing me some materials, then I will get a disappointed, you-lied, how-can-you look from her!

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So, to keep expectations realistic, you should find craft projects that your child can manage to make with only a small amount of help from you. But watch out for it not only to be age-appropriate but also to match your kid’s personal talents and preferences.

Don’t show them the oh-so-perfect Pinterest image, but show them – if you have to – something similar, another kid of the same age, made by itself.

Top 5 tips on how to choose the perfect kids craft project - age appropriate
The perfect kids craft project should always be age appropriate

2. It’s important that the kids project won’t wipe out your bank account

Ok, I get it, there are some crafts that are worth buying hundreds of dollars worth of craft supplies. But let’s be honest: that is not true for most kids’ crafts! As adorable their tries are, the outcome is most of the time not to be kept as a keepsake. I mean, I fear the day my kids ask me to see all of the drawings they gave to me to keep safe when they were little!!!

Of course, there are exceptions, and I myself have a closet full of their creations that I probably won’t ever throw away! But if I was to keep all of them, I would need a new house; or maybe a whole bunch of new houses!

So, keeping it real with what we buy is important! Recycling and using things we have lying in our house is a great way to keep the costs down! Though, the one thing you shouldn’t try to save money from is the quality of the craft supplies. Kids are very sensitive to chemicals and allergies, so keep an eye on non-toxic, safe supplies. Also, it’s always a good thing to keep in mind the mess kids tend to make when crafting, so choosing washable paints is always a good idea!!!

Top 5 tips on how to choose the perfect kids craft project - use things from home
Use things from home for your kids to use in their craft projects

3. Choose a kids craft project that makes your kid proud of the effort

As I said before, not all projects are meant or worth to be kept. But, if you invest time and money into one special kid’s craft idea, then you should make it worth giving it as a gift, keeping it, displaying it, or playing with it, even for a small amount of time. Painting a canvas for example could always result in some great kids’ room wall decor!

Also making finger puppets, or easy marionettes will provide hours – if not days – of having fun, telling stories, and juicing imagination!

A craft that will be worth showing off will make your kid feel proud of itself and of the effort it took to make, making sure that he or she will try more and more next time!

Top 5 tips on how to choose the perfect kids craft project - crafts to play with
Choose a craft that will be worth the effort, like these houses to play with

4. Choose a craft that teaches them something new

Most kids love to draw and paint! But using only markers or coloring pages, won’t teach them to much! Try doing the same thing with a different technique, like painting using finger paint or cotton swabs!

It’s not that important for the craft to teach them something they already do well. So if your kid hasn’t have the hung of using scissors yet, try a craft that is fun and involves a lot of – safe – cutting, to give your kid the chance to improve.

Also, keep in mind that not everything has to involve learning letters or numbers. Teaching your kid how to make its’ own christmas ornaments or crafting its’ own journal, can show your child the potential it has to be the creator of its’ own happiness!

5. Find crafts with a variety

Try to find a kids craft project that involves a variety of materials (types of paper, glues, brushes, etc.) and techniques (folding, cutting, gluing, etc). This will give your kid not only an opportunity to explore new tools and learn how to use them, but also to learn that there are many ways to make their ideas reality!

In time, your kid will grow confident and find new ways of using all those different materials and combine different techniques, creating something new and unique!

If your kid finds something that it really likes using or wants to get better with it, by all means, encourage it to do so! My son started drawing and he is getting really good at it, but he only wants to use a pencil! And that is ok! I encourage him to add variety by adding colored pencils and markers, even some texture using materials I have at home (e.g. cotton), but for now, he prefers to mostly stick to his pencil and paper! On the other hand, my daughter can’t have enough different things to incorporate into her crafts, like glitter, glitter glue, googly eyes, feathers, and many more!

craft materials
Give your kid the chance to use different materials for their crafts

More tips for kids crafts

Letting kids use their imagination is the most important thing about crafting. So try not to copy every single craft detail you see in that awesome Pinterest post. Get the main idea, and then leave your kids lead the way, into whatever direction the imagination might take them.

You might find a wonderful toilet paper roll craft-making animals, but maybe your little girl wants to use the same techniques making trees. Or you’ve seen someone using colored cotton balls to make a cute rainbow, but your son prefers to make a dinosaur with them instead! Let them choose their own path and inspiration! That’s all crafting is about, anyway!!!

If you want, take a look of some crafts me and my kids made in these blog posts:

Our 5 Favorite (not that common) Family Board Games

family board games
Favorite family board games

Christmas is just around the corner and we all are looking for some great gifts, especially for the little ones. There are some wonderful, timeless family board games, that always bring joy to children, like Monopoly, UNO, Guess who?, Scrabble, Puzzles, Dominoe and so on.

I didn’t really know that there were such wonderful family board games out there, other than the common ones I mentioned. But after trying a couple of new hobbies (photography mainly – you can read about it here), we tried a new family hobby: Not that common, modern board games! Check out our top 5, that we and my kids really enjoyed or still enjoy playing.

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Family Board games: Colorama (ages 3+)

The Colorama board game is a fun, colorful game that also helps children learn about colors and shapes. We have played the game over and over again and even now, that my kids are 7 and 9 they bring it out once in a while. It is an easy, fast game that all kids enjoy.

Labyrinth (7+)

The Labyrinth board game was one of my favorite board games when I was little! So naturally, I wanted to pass it on to my kids! First, I played the Labyrinth Junior (4+) with them, but they quickly got the idea. We soon moved on to the classic Labyrinth (7+). This one is more challenging but great fun and it really makes kids think!

I recently found out that there are some special editions of the game like Frozen II Junior or even a Harry Potter Labyrinth!

Leo goes to the barber (6+)

Leo goes to the Barber board game is another wonderful fun game for the kids. The goal is to get Leo in time to his barber appointment. It’s a game where the kids have to work together, which is a concept I love. They also must remember the funny obstacles or really talkative friends they find on their way.

IceCool (6+)

IceCool board game is a dexterity board game. That means that besides thinking about a strategy, you also have to use your hands to push the penguins. Everyone gets one penguin and one of them is the supervisor who tries to catch the others. The rest of the players try to get the fishes… it’s a really fast and fun game that the kids enjoy every time!

Dixit (8+)

The Dixit card game is one of the most imaginative games I have ever played. You each get cards with some beautiful, abstract, dreamy pictures.Then the player who is the storyteller has to describe it, but not too exact! The rest of the players have to add a card from their hand that get’s as close as possible to the description. Lastly, they must vote on which card they think is the storytellers. The game really gets your brain working in so many different ways! And if you ever get tired of the pictures in the main game, there are a lot of expansions with new, wonderful art out there!

Maybe you can get some useful ideas for your Christmas shopping! And if you have a board game your family enjoys playing, I’d really love to hear about it (I have to do some Christmas shopping, too!!!). And if you need some ideas about great children’s books for Christmas that we love, you can check out our post with our top 5 list.

Our DIY Advent Calendar for Kids

Hi everyone!

It’s this time of the year again, hurray! I just love December and all it promises. Especially with the kids around, December and Christmas take on a whole new meaning.

Every year we try to make our very own DIY Advent Calendar for our two kids. Last year, we actually made two! One only with books and the other filled with treats and notes with fun activities that we would do together as a family. This year, we decided to make one advent calendar that would combine both concepts.

How to make an easy DIY Advent Calendar for kids out of toilet paper rolls

Using toilet paper rolls, printer, hot glue gun, and cardboard, we were able to make an adorable Advent Calendar. You can see from our pictures how our DIY Advent Calendar for kids was made. First, you have to make the back out of cardboard and cut your paper rolls in half. You will need about 30 half paper rolls (25 for the notes and some to use to make your advent calendar).

diy advent calendar side 2
One side of our DIY Advent Calendar

Next few steps to make our DIY Advent calendar

Time to make the background out of cardboard in any shape you want. We did something that resembles Santa’s sleigh bag, but you can easily choose something else. To make it, we printed out Santa and his bag and sleigh (we found ours by googling “Santa Coloring Pages”). Next, we cut out Santa and his bag and sleigh and used this as a template to cut out the same shape out of cardboard. Then, we cut away Santa’ s bag and cut out another piece of cardboard, but this time only Santa and his sleigh.

diy advent calendar side 1
The other side of our DIY Advent Calendar

Glue the Santa and his sleigh onto the same shape cardboard. Set aside.

Next, glue the 24 paper rolls onto the cardboard where Santa’s bag is supposed to be. Use some of the leftover toilet rolls and glue them where the sleigh and Santa are supposed to be.

The final step is to print out and cut out notes with activities and covers with numbers from 1 to 24 for your toilet rolls. Place the notes inside the toilet rolls and glue the covers into place. Make sure to think about the right timing of your activities! Put the last and most important note into the toilet paper roll that will be covered by Santa. Now you just need to glue your Santa (add the number 25 to Santa) and his sleigh cardboard onto the leftover toilet rolls. And there it is!!!

DIY Advent Calendar 1
Our finished DIY Advent Calendar before our kids decorated it!

Ideas for family Christmas activities

Some ideas for activities are:

The only thing that matters is to make it a family activity!

decorated diy advent calendar 2018_edited
Our decorated Advent Calendar! Isn’t it cute?

The first task for our kids on December, 1st, was to decorate their new Advent Calendar with markers and some stickers we printed out on self-adhesive paper sheets.

If you think our concept is a little too complicated or you simply don’t have the time, take a look at these easy but sweet DIY Advent Calendars made out of toilet paper rolls as well.


easy christmas advent calendar


I hope that it will bring them joy and memories to keep and cherish for all the years to come!

Easy Kids Canvas Art Project

While I am not the most artistic person, I try to keep my kids creative and so I am always searching for some fun art projects, especially on rainy days. One idea I loved, was the easy kids’ canvas art project where you paint on a canvas using paint and painters tape. It is really easy, and the results are great! You can choose whatever colors you think will complement your home or use metallic colors for vibrant artwork. The possibilities are endless.

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Materials to make easy canvas art

Kids art project using painters tape
Kids art project using painters tape

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You will need:

How to make cool canvas art using painters tape

You can begin either by painting your canvas with a base color and leave it to dry or leaving the canvas plain white. Tape pieces of painters tape in any way you want, covering the canvas edge to edge. You can keep it symmetrical, geometrical or just chaotic.

Next, choose your colors and paint each distinctive part in the color you want. The paint will help you keep the edges clean, but try not to get into other parts of the canvas. Let it dry completely and carefully remove the painter’s tape. And voila! There you have it: a great, easy, handmade piece of art!

My kids loved the outcome and they wanted me to make some simple shapes with painter’s tape, so I made the first letter of their name, a star, and a heart…

I think they turned out quite nice! And they look great on their wall, too! And if you are more talented than me in arts, here are a few projects from Pinterest that really look professional! Especially using professional metallic paints seems to achieve a fantastic look!!!

diy canvas art
DIY canvas art for wall decoration (image source)
Canvas diy steps
Easy canvas art using painters tape and metallic paints (image source)
canvas diy metallic
Easy canvas art with a metallic background (image source)

The kids had a blast, and so did I! We often use this technique in our art projects now!!

For more great kids craft and DIY ideas, visit more posts on Posimagine!

Easy DIY Star Wars Pinata and more Star Wars Birthday Ideas

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So, my son is one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know. He has a huge Star Wars figure collection, Mace Windu being his favorite Jedi. As we as a family love themed birthday parties, it was a given that he would have a Star Wars Birthday Party! For two years in a row and we had a blast both times! When I think about making pinatas, I always think that I can’t make one that is cute or with a character I like… for example, I could in no way allow kids to hit Yoda or another Yedi, pinata or not! So, when the time came to decide on the DIY Star Wars Pinata, we had these two ideas: the first one was a very easy Death Star Pinata, and the second one a slightly more complicated but still easy Darth Vader Pinata.

DIY Star Wars Pinata: How to Make a Super Easy DIY Death Star Pinata

All you will need for this pinata are:

  • a white round paper lampshade (I bought mine from IKEA),
  • a piece of cardboard,
  • grey spray paint,
  • black marker,
  • some fishing line or other kinds of string and of course
  • Star Wars candy and favors!!!
diy death star pinata
DIY Death Star Pinata

Assemble the lampshade per instructions. Cover the bottom hole with a small piece of cardboard (secure with some tape). Go outside and spray paint the whole thing grey (if you find a grey lampshade, by all means, buy that if you want, and just skip spray painting it!). With the black marker, add a few features (rectangles to the lampshade so it resembles the Death Star. Fill the Death Star carefully with candy and favors. Since it is made out of paper, take care not to overfill it or else it will bend or even rip. Add the string to the wire on top of the Death Star for hanging. All you need now is a stick and children to hit the pinata and get all the bounty!!!

DIY Star Wars Pinata: How we made our Darth Vader Pinata

To make the Darth Vader Pinata you will need:

  • a cardboard box (I use a cereal box or use some thicker cardboard),
  • painters or another tape,
  • craft glue
  • black crepe paper
  • Darth Vader Mask Template.

Instructions to make a Darth Vader Pinata

Print the Darth Vader Mask Template in a size that will suit you and your box and use it to cut the back and front of the box so they resemble the shape of the mask (you will end up with two mask-shaped cardboard pieces). Don’t worry too much about details, they will most likely get lost when you’ll add the fringes.

Use the box’s sides or cut out a few 4″ wide strips (the longer the better) to use them to connect the two mask-shaped pieces to each other. To do that, use the adhesive tape, which is kind of the most tricky part, especially at the beginning.

Remember to use some string or rope to make a loop for hanging your pinata on top.

Also, don’t forget to fill your pinata with goodies before sealing it completely!

When you have finished with the cardboard pinata, it is time to decorate it. Cut out 2” wide strips of the crepe paper and cut fringes into them.

Try to make them as long as they need to be to cover the pinata from end to end in each row so the result will be nicer looking. Now, with patience, glue all the strips onto the cardboard. Repeat on the back and the sides. This is the most time-consuming step for making the pinata, but it is a rather fun process.

Lastly, cut out the Darth Vader mask highlights from your template and glue them to the front of your pinata. We painted Darth Vader’s eyes red, for a fierce result! Didn’t it turn out great?

diy darth vader pinata
DIY Darth Vader Pinata

More Ideas for a fun Star Wars Birthday Party

To make the e-invitation, I used the Star Wars Crawl Creator, and finding the story to tell was so totally fun!

This is a screenshot of the official Star Wars crawl creator. You can add any text you want, and it creates a video with it, looking like the intro of a Star Wars movie!

For the rest of our first party I prepared green Yoda plates for the cake. To make them you will need just green party plates, and use a stapler to attach some green Yoda ears which you have to cut out of green cardboard.

DIY Yoda plates and DIY Star Wars party game
DIY Yoda plates and DIY Star Wars party game

We made a softball target shoot game (took an old big carton, painted the whole thing with black spray paint (outside!), glued some space stickers I had in the house, and then we just cut out different sized circles, glued some Star Wars Villains on the circles for targets).

Another game we prepared, was the “Pin the lightsaber on the Jedi” game.

Lastly, we gave out some super cool pool noodle foam lightsabers real but safe lightsabers!!! – for every kid after the “Jedi Training”. You could also use some fun inflatable lightsabers!

The moment Darth Vader crushed the party

When the training ended, suddenly, Darth Vader invaded our party to steal the birthday cake! We actually wrote a teaser about this in our invitation: “….Will the Padawans complete their training in-time to become Jedi, so they stand a chance against the upcoming Darth Vader threat and help their friend to complete his birthday celebration?…”.

And fortunately, all of our newly trained Jedi friends managed to fight the Darth Vader off with their newly acquired lightsabers and Jedi skills, and so we could eat the cake after all!!!

To be honest, we did take the cake out of the carton first, before Darth Vader tried to steal it, just to be safe, haha!

star wars birthday party darth vader
Darth Vader came to steal our Star Wars Birthday cake!! But the Jedi were there to save the day!

It was really fun and all of our guests and our birthday boy had a blast!

The second party’s highlight was our DIY Star Wars Pinata of course, which did need to take a lot of hits before it released it’s bounty, being a true Darth Vader Pinata…

You can find a great tutorial with pictures showing the steps to make the Darth Vader pinata at the Minireve blog, that we slightly adjusted since we didn’t want a string pulled pinata as in that post. Check it out here.

Using this same technique you can make virtually any Pinata you can think of… I for one am looking forward to making the next – girly this time – Birthday Pinata 🙂

Sea Glass Craft Idea: Framed Dolphin

Finally, the beach treasures we gathered have all found their destination. Seashells became a wonderful heart, our cute heart stones were put on display, and lastly, the sea glass pieces we gathered did find the ideal sea glass craft idea for them… it was rather hard to find out, I have to admit! But now I understand something I often heard or read about when somebody would find something and just pick it up saying: “I’ll figure out later what I want to do with that!”.

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If you don’t live close by a beach, or you have difficulty to find sea glass, don’t be sad! You can buy beautiful sea glass pieces on Amazon, take a look at our picks:

Sea Glass Craft Idea_ Framed Dolphin
Sea Glass Craft Idea Framed Dolphin

Our sea glass pieces were oddly shaped and in different sizes. Especially the two biggest pieces were puzzling me. I washed them, put them in vinegar to lose some of the salt, and shined them with a little baby oil as good as I could.

sea glass pieces
So many pieces of sea glass in different colors, shapes, and sizes… what can somebody do with them?

Ideas for using your sea glass treasure

There are many people that have finding sea glass as a hobby! You can find tons of ideas online and in books!

There are even guides, lists, and tips for the best beaches for sea glass out there!

Other crafts to make with sea glass

Many people also drill a hole into sea glass pieces, but that’s too intimidating for me. Once drilled though, you can make beautiful necklaces or bracelets out of them. There are some already drilled sea glasses beads available online if anyone would want to try this out! Keep in mind though, that not everything called “sea glass” is actually found on beaches. There is a way to turn any glass piece or bead into a sea glass looking one, by sand wash them, but it’s a procedure you can’t easily do in your home.

I saw some summer craft ideas on Pinterest… they made super-cute frames with seahorses, trees or flowers with them, but to do something like that I would need much more pieces and more uniform ones… and then suddenly I realized that, putting the two big pieces together, they would resemble a big fishtail… but what kind of fish? Maybe a shark? Or a dolphin? My kids went for the dolphin and slowly it really all came together! All of the seashell parts seemed to belong in a certain dedicated spot. The fins, the beak, and the eye, they were all there. I really was impressed.

Framed sea glass dolphin
Our framed sea glass dolphin

Our own little DIY beach craft gallery

The three frames, the sea glass dolphin, the seashells that became a wonderful heart, and our cute framed heart stones, found their place above my kids’ desk… And the most important thing with these projects is that we gathered all the pieces together! They will always remind us of a wonderful summer! I for one, love them, and so do the little ones!!!

I think that the result is really cute and they make a great themed set.

beach craft ideas framed sea treasures
Our three framed beach craft ideas

Travel ideas and tips on how to find beaches with sea glass

If you want to search for sea glass by yourself, try some of these 15 must know tips to find beach glass like a pro by Travel Inspired Living!

Visit some of the best sea glass beaches in the U.S. as proposed in this article by Simple Most.

And even travel the world to find some of the best beach glass beaches as proposed by Far & Wide!

For more great information on sea glass and travel ideas, look at this bucket list about sea glass by Seatail!

Seashell Craft Idea: Framed Heart

Time for my other summer project idea I had in mind this year, this time it’s a seashell craft idea: a framed heart! It is super easy to make, just as two other beach craft projects I wrote about. If you want, take a look at them, too!

The only thing I did differently this time, is that I used a background I had painted at some other time. It did fit into the frame so nicely! I thought it was perfect as I used blue, green, and white acrylic paints to paint it on a small canvas as I was thinking of the ocean at the time.

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Thank you!

Where to find seashells for crafts

Obviously, you can find seashells on a beach! But please keep in mind, that although seashells might look of no importance to nature for us, they do play their role in the ecosystem, as they can provide nutrients and shelter to other animals. So try to take only some of what you find and only what you really need for making your craft. If you don’t leave close by a beach but still want to make some seashell crafts, you can buy mixes on Amazon.

How to make our seashell craft idea

I arranged the seashells so they would create the outline of a heart, and I added one seashell to each corner of the frame. Everything was glued in place with the hot glue gun. You could choose any shape you want or even create people or a landscape with seashells!

beach craft framed sea shell heart
Beach craft idea: framed seashell heart

I really love the end result! It totally complements the other beach-themed crafts we made this summer. The ultimate goal here is to create something that will remind us of the summer that has past, so perfection is not what I seek!

What I love most about these summer craft projects is the excitement in my kids’ eyes while gathering, creating, and decorating with all these treasures!

Kids Christmas Craft With Cardboard Paper Tubes

We have been busy the last days since Christmas is on our doorstep! One of the crafts we did was making some Christmas people out of cardboard paper tubes! Those are so versatile, I did never think about them that way.

You can use whatever tubes you can find, from paper towel rolls to toilet paper rolls everything goes. We also used some googly eyes, but you can paint the eyes on. So, you’ll need, other than the tubes and colored paper, glue and scissors and maybe some items for decoration.

When you’ve decided what you want to make, measure the paper and cut it the length of the tube. Then put some glue on the tube and wrap it with the paper. If you don’t have colored paper, just paint on some plain white paper. Or you can paint directly on the tube or even use it as it is.

The tubes can also be used to create wreaths or ornaments and some even use them as gift tags, napkin holders or treat or gift boxes; when they are beautifully crafted and decorated that is.

And finally!!! My son’s creations with a little help from me cutting the paper pieces.

My boy's tube creations
My boy’s tube creations

Try it and have some easy, inexpensive, creative fun making these or try making easy Christmas ornaments from dried fruits!!!

Healthy Toddler Recipe: Meatballs with Veggies

healthy toddler recipe meatballs with   veggies
Meatballs on a stick

This recipe has helped me so much! My little girl was never much of an eater, and so I had to make every bite count! And this healthy toddler recipe to make meatball with veggies is just perfect for that! It is also a great healthy recipe to make for when the baby is starting with baby finger food since the meatballs are soft and can be shaped or torn apart into baby mouth friendly sizes.

Ingredients for healthy meatballs with veggies

(please consider the age of your baby and what it is allowed to eat by your pediatrician)

  • ½ kg minced beef, turkey, chicken or veal meat
  • 1 egg
  • 2-3 slices of whole-wheat bread
  • 2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • small onion
  • carrot
  • red pepper
  • green pepper
  • zucchini
  • ½ cup parsley
  • salt, pepper (if your kids are old enough)

How to make this healthy toddler recipe

  1. In a food processor, process the onion, the carrot, the zucchini, the peppers, and the parsley until they are very finely processed.
  2. In a food processor, process the slices of bread until they are very finely processed.
  3. Make sure there are no larger bread or veggie pieces. Remove anything that looks to large.
  4. Put the minced meat, the egg, the olive oil, the breadcrumbs, and the finely processed vegetables and mix everything with your hands. Add oil or breadcrumbs necessary, until it has the right consistency and it can be shaped into small balls.
  5. Let the mixture rest for at least half an hour in the fridge.
  6. Shape mini meatballs
  7. Bring water to the boil and add the number of meatballs needed. Let them boil for about 15 – 25 minutes, depending on the size of the meatballs. You can steam-cook them if you prefer it. Now my kids are older, I even bake them in the oven.

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Some tips for the meatballs with veggies to make your mom life easier

You can add whatever vegetables your kid likes to the meatballs, like eggplants, tomatoes, broccoli, and even some rice. Just keep an eye on the consistency of the mixture, so that the meatballs keep their shape.

You can freeze the rest of the meatballs for the next time. Just line a freezer container with some parchment paper, arrange the meatballs so they don’t touch each other, put the container in the freezer overnight and the next day, you can take as many as you need, or transfer them into another smaller container or freezer bag and keep them in your freezer for when you need them!

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If your kids are older and like my older one, than they might like the meatballs on a stick! It ads fun, but be careful with the sticks!

Later on, this recipe can be made for the whole family!

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