Seashell Craft Idea: Framed Heart

Time for my other summer project idea I had in mind this year, this time it’s a seashell craft idea: a framed heart! It is super easy to make, just as two other beach craft projects I wrote about. If you want, take a look at them, too!

The only thing I did differently this time, is that I used a background I had painted at some other time. It did fit into the frame so nicely! I thought it was perfect as I used blue, green, and white acrylic paints to paint it on a small canvas as I was thinking of the ocean at the time.

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Where to find seashells for crafts

Obviously, you can find seashells on a beach! But please keep in mind, that although seashells might look of no importance to nature for us, they do play their role in the ecosystem, as they can provide nutrients and shelter to other animals. So try to take only some of what you find and only what you really need for making your craft. If you don’t leave close by a beach but still want to make some seashell crafts, you can buy mixes on Amazon.

How to make our seashell craft idea

I arranged the seashells so they would create the outline of a heart, and I added one seashell to each corner of the frame. Everything was glued in place with the hot glue gun. You could choose any shape you want or even create people or a landscape with seashells!

beach craft framed sea shell heart
Beach craft idea: framed seashell heart

I really love the end result! It totally complements the other beach-themed crafts we made this summer. The ultimate goal here is to create something that will remind us of the summer that has past, so perfection is not what I seek!

What I love most about these summer craft projects is the excitement in my kids’ eyes while gathering, creating, and decorating with all these treasures!

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