How to make easy DIY Emoji Costumes

DIY Emoji costumes for large groups

It’s pretty tough to find an idea for an easy to make DIY costume, especially if you need to make a lot of them fast and with as little money as possible. I love making at least some accessories for our costumes each year or for our birthday parties, so I was a little familiar with such things.

Searching for such an idea, fit for a bunch of small kids, I decided that making the Emoji DIY costumes ticks all of my needs.
So here are the instructions on how to make easy DIY Emoji Costumes for a large group!

Materials needed for one emoji (the exact amounts and colors of cardboard or paper depend on which emoji’s you want to make)

  • One piece of yellow cardboard (size A2)
  • Black cardboard or paper
  • Red cardboard or paper
  • White cardboard or paper
  • Blue cardboard or paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Yellow ribbon or cord
  • Hot glue gun
  • Drawing compass
  • An emoji template, printed out on a size A2 paper or multiple A4 sized sheets (unless you are good at drawing, then you don’t need the template!)
  • Tape
Emoji costumes for large groups

Instructions to make DIY Emoji costumes

First, let me just say that it’s easier to make one type of emoji at the time, so nothing gets mixed up! There are a lot of emojis out there to choose from! I chose some of the better known and happy ones, fitting for a happy, loud group of kids!
After choosing the emoji you want to make, you will need to find a template and carefully adjust the size of it so it will be printed as large as you need it to be, using a PC. I adjusted it so the head/circle (about 28cm diameter) would fit a horizontal paper sheet sized A2. But since I didn’t have a printer to print that kind of A2 sized paper, I printed it out like a puzzle on simple A4 paper sheets instead.

After printing them onto these sheets, I glued them together with some tape (to make one large, whole emoji). After that, you will have to cut out all of your emoji’s features, like teeth, mouth, tongue, eyes, eyebrows, hearts, glasses, etc.
Now the easier part: using the compass or a circular object with the right size (e.g. large plate) make a large, 28 cm diameter circle on the yellow cardboard sheet. Cut out the circle and you have your emoji’s head.

Now it’s time to assemble your emoji. Take each of the features needed and place them onto the yellow circle. Don’t glue them right away, so you can adjust their position if needed. Have a picture of the emoji you want to make at hand, it will make things easier.

When you are satisfied with how everything looks, use the glue stick to glue everything into place. Let it dry.
Keep the leftover yellow cardboard to use to make some smaller emojis if you want, as I did. I made lots of small emojis and glued them onto sticks and then headbands. I also made some emoji signs and attached some onto our clothes.

Emoji headbands
Headband with small emojis

You could skip all of the above and just cut out a yellow circle and paint the emojis features with markers, but I think that method is too time and ink consuming for the large emojis. For the small ones, it’s actually better to just paint them onto the yellow cardboard circles with markers.
You can also draw all of the features by hand on the colored papers, cut them out and glue them on, but I am not that great at drawing, so I opted for the method I described above!
The last step is to glue the ribbon to the back of the emoji. Use a large enough piece so the emoji can be hung around the neck of the one wearing it, without it hanging too high or too low. I used the hot glue gun to glue the ribbon onto the back of the emoji.

Emoji costumes for large groups

And now you are ready to have some fun!! These are great to wear even above a jacket! And after the party, these emojis are great to use to decorate a wall at your home, too!!!
Easy, cheap, colorful, happy and full of emotions, these DIY Emoji Costumes are ideal for a large group of people. Even as a last-minute costume!


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