How to make a DIY dice roll tray

One thing I love about board games, among other things, is that you can always combine your love for crafting with them. You can build inserts for your board games, beautify them, paint the miniatures and so on. Since dice rolling is a part for many board games, I soon realized that they make a lot of noise and that you often have to chase them since they tend to fall of the table or make a mess of other components on your board. The best way to resolve this problem, is by using a dice roll tray. You can buy them in any shape and color, and some of them fold, too! But I wanted to make my own DIY dice roll tray, and in a cheap way!

DIY dice roll tray

First of all, let me tell you that my photos will use a different sized canvas frame than the one I used to make my dice tray, since I missed taking photos from that one! So, here we go!

Materials to make a dice roll tray

  • An old rectangular canvas frame or a canvas with a frame, size 20cm x 20cm
  • A sheet of cardboard, slightly bigger than the inside of the frame
  • A sheet of felt, as large as the cardboard
  • Hot glue gun
A painting on a canvas you can use


  • If you only have a canvas with a frame, your first step is to remove the actual canvas from the frame, keeping the frame intact.
  • Turn the frame over onto it’s back side and place the piece of cardboard over it. Cut the cardboard into the appropriate size.
  • Use your cardboard as a guide to cut the felt into the needed size.
  • Glue the felt onto the cardboard.
  • Glue the cardboard with the felt onto the back of your frame.
  • Turn the frame over and there you have you DIY dice roll tray!!!

Details to add for the DIY dice roll tray

You can choose any color of felt that you want! I had a red one, so I used that. You can paint your frame with some wood stain to make it look better. It’s something I want to do, but I am afraid that I will stain the felt, so I guess it’s better to do such a thing before assembling your dice roll tray.

My dice roll tray can roll a lot of dice!

Another thing that one could do to make it look more professional, is to line the inside sides of the dice roll tray with some same colored felt.

I was very happy with the results and the dice roll tray gets a lot of use when we play!


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