Simple String Art Ideas: Lovely Heart

As you know, I am always looking for

which do look good enough for us to enjoy! In that spirit, I wanted to try making some string art for ages! People are sharing so many great projects, and I love how creative this hobby can be! Finally, the time came, and I and my little girl made one of our first, really simple string art ideas come true: a heart!

simple String art heart
Our first string art ever: a heart!


You don’t need a lot of things to start making your very own string art, especially if its an easy as the one we made. Chances are that you already have these materials at home:

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Instruction on how to make our easy string art heart

I used a simple heart that I printed out in the size that would fit my wooden cutting board. You can easily draw your own, if you have the talent, or search the internet for something you like. In fact, you can find templates not only with the simple shape but with the indication of the points where you have to put the nail in, which really helps to keep the correct distance from each nail to the next.

easy string art heart
The nails don’t need to be straight, but being of even height is important

Once you have your template, cut it out, but be careful to leave the outline intact. Next, secure your template onto the cutting board into place, using some self-adhesive tape.

Hammer and Nails are essential for realizing your string art ideas!

Now it’s time for the hammer and nails. Try to drive every nail into the wood with the same depth, without them getting out on the other side, so they will be even in height, and try to keep a regular distance between them. Hammer and nails aren’t that good to be used by small kids, so I would let the adult do this job. When you have nailed all your nails, carefully rip the template away and remove it all.

Simple string art ideas
Simple string art: Great for wall decorations!

For the string, we used some pink string I had on hand, perfect for our heart! First, we made a knot tying the string to the first nail and went to the next, wrapping the string around it. We continued this way until we made the outline of the heart with our string.

Then, we just went from there rather intuitively. You go from one nail to another that is further away, wrap the string around each nail, trying to get to all nails and to have a nice outcome. In the end, we did another outline of the heart shape with the string, tight the end of the string securely to the last nail and cut what was left. You can push the string down a little to achieve a better look if you like.

That’ s it! We hang our string art in my girls room and it really looks awesome! There are so many ideas out there to try!!!

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