DIY balance beam hack for toddlers using carpets

 DIY Balance beam hack for toddlers
DIY Balance beam hack for toddlers

This one was discovered by my kids! Here in Greece, most of us have winter carpets and – not that necessary – summer carpets. When the seasons change we change the carpets accordingly! So, the time came for us to roll out our winter carpets, as annoying as it is to try to get some playdough out of it later on. We rolled the first one out, but, something – I don’t remember what – happened and we let the second one rolled up on the floor. The minute the kids saw it, the fun began! And behold, our DIY balance beam hack for toddlers using carpets came to life!

Up and down, back and forth, crawling, running, or balancing, they couldn’t get enough of it!!! It is kind of safe, since it has almost no height and we have it on the other carpet, so even if they should fall – which has not happened yet – it won’t be a hard fall.

Using everyday items can be so fun for kids!

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It is so funny! You go out and buy all this stuff for them, only to find out that an everyday item could be so much more entertaining. And it is good for gross motor skill and balance skill development, too!!!

DIY balance beam hack
DIY balance beam hack using carpets

So, we let the carpet a few days rolled up, luckily the weather is warm enough until now. I can imagine making a whole set up with different types and lengths of carpets to challenge them even more!

If you have somewhere an old carpet, bring it into the room, tie the ends with some tape so it doesn’t roll open, and let your kids enjoy it! Not only will it provide hours of fun, but it will also teach them to use their imagination and innovation, repurposing everyday items and giving them a new role!

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But even if you don’t have a carpet available, there are these perfect foam balance beams meant for gymnastic training out there that would be perfect:

Also, you can buy these wonderful, fun, balancing step toys instead!

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