Easy Kids Craft: Penguin Finger Puppets

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This easy kids craft project was shared by a close friend of mine and her kids! She knows how I am always looking for new fun crafts for kids to make, so she immediately sent it to us! They did a wonderful job, I can tell you that! Thank you so much for sharing!!! We can’t wait to make some craft together, soon!

Easy kids craft penguin finger puppet
Easy kids craft penguin finger puppet

Materials to make some cute penguin finger puppets

So, it is quite simple to make the penguins and a lot of fun, too!!! You will need stuff that you will have probably already in your house:

  • Black cardboard or paper for the penguin’s body
  • White cardboard or paper for the eyes and belly
  • Orange cardboard or paper for the nose
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors
  • A black or other color marker for the eyes or googly eyes
  • A pencil for tracing, if you need to
  • Other colors of cardboard or paper  and yarn if you’d like to add some more details
ready pinguins
DIY penguin finger puppets

How to make the easy kids craft penguins

  1. To get started, you’ll need to cut out of the black cardboard the penguin’s body and cut out two holes for the fingers. The shape of the penguin’s body is quite simple, you will not have any trouble with it, but if you want, first trace the shape of the body with a pencil and then cut it out Out of the white cardboard cut some oval eyes and the belly, like shown in the image. Also, cut a small triangle out of the orange cardboard.
easy kids craft penguin finger puppet diy and items
Items to be glued on the penguin’s body

2. Now, you can glue all elements on the penguin’s body. You can make him take on any expression you can think of.

easy kids craft penguin finger puppet diy
The first penguin
easy kids craft penguin finger puppet diy
and the second penguin

3. Now, take the marker and draw some details on the eyes to make your penguin alive, and ready you are to begin playing with them!!!

4. You could also add some other decorations to them if you would like to. A scarf, a hat or funny hairs out of yarn, would be a funny addition, don’t you think?

Last step: Have fun!!!

Once the penguins are ready, your kids can begin their adventure!!! Think about a story, add items and scenery, and just get started. Even a cute little diy puppet theater like this one from the blog Ruffles & Rain Boots would be wonderful for this and other stories to imagine and play!

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