Kids Christmas Craft With Cardboard Paper Tubes

We have been busy the last days since Christmas is on our doorstep! One of the crafts we did was making some easy kids Christmas crafts, like this one, making some fun, cute figures out of them! We made some winter animals, snowmen and of course Santa! 

 kids christmas craft cardboard tubes rolls
Our kids christmas craft out of cardboard rolls

Another thing we used cardboard tubes to make was this wonderful DIY Advent Calendar for kids! My kids love the countdown towards Christmas, and this Advent Calendar is perfect for that and full of surprises!

Something other that we crafted, by using cardboard tubes and which I really loved, is this DIY unicorn puppet i simply loved!

The tubes can also be used to create wreaths or ornaments and some even use them as gift tags, napkin holders or treat or gift boxes; when they are beautifully crafted and decorated that is.

Materials you will need to make cute figures out of cardboard tubes

You will need:

  • Cardboard tubes
  • Colored paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes

You can use whatever tubes you can find, from paper towel rolls to toilet paper rolls everything goes. We also used some googly eyes, but you can paint the eyes on. So, you’ll need, other than the tubes and colored paper, glue and scissors and maybe some items for decoration.

How to make cute kids Christmas craft: Figures out of cardboard tubes

When you’ve decided what you want to make, measure the paper and cut it the length of the tube. Then put some glue on the tube and wrap it with the paper. If you don’t have colored paper, just paint on some plain white paper. Or you can paint directly on the tube or even use it as it is.

And finally!!! My son’s creations with a little help from me cutting the paper pieces. If you like our post, share it!

 kids christmas craft cardboard tubes rolls

Try it and have some easy, inexpensive, creative fun making these or try making some of the following:

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