Icing recipe without raw eggs for decorating cookies with your kids

Icing recipe without raw eggs
We used our eggless icing recipe to decorate cookies and make “gingerbread” cookie houses

Making cookies and decorating them is one of our favorite family activities! My kids love preparing and cutting out the cookies! More than that, they love decorating them! And of course, what they love the most, is eating them!!! So, I try to keep the cookies healthy, and since I have my concerns about rare eggs and kids, I found an eggless cookie recipe (get the eggless cookie recipe here), as well as this icing recipe without raw eggs I am sharing with you now! I have to warn you though, my recipe is a little runny.

I have used it to assemble some edible cookie Santa’s sleigh treats and even “gingerbread” houses using store-bought cookies, but it is not the most ideal recipe for that. Maybe using some other recipe is better for that use, but I like mine since it has no raw eggs.

But for decorating cookies, it’s great! We made cute snowman cookies and we also decorated our favorite chocolate cookies with this icing (get our chocolate sugar cookie recipe here!).

delicious chocolate sugar cookies
We also decorated our favorite delicious chocolate sugar cookies with this icing! Get the recipe here!

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Icing without raw eggs recipe ingredients

–          5-6 tablespoons of meringue powder (I buy white meringues and powder them in the blender)

–          250 g confectioners sugar

–          About 1/3 a cup of water

How to make the icing

Use your stand mixer to mix all the ingredients, but add the water little by little to see how much it will take to have the perfect icing consistency.

Thickness is crucial for using this recipe as glue, while thinner icing is better for decorating. If it gets too thin, use more meringue powder or confectioners sugar.

If you want to add some food coloring, you will need to be careful and reduce the amount of water!

snowman cookies with icing
We made cute snowman cookies with this recipe! Share if you like it!

Pour your icing into a piping bag and use a piping tip for decorating your cookies. Use the icing fairly soon after preparing it! Once you decorate your cookies, you can add sprinkles, smarties or other edible decorations!

Let the icing dry completely and keep your cookies in a cookie jar!

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If you like this post, please share it with someone who might find it useful!!

Icing recipe without raw eggs
Icing recipe without raw eggs

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