How to get 500 Pinterest followers easy and without paying anything

get Pinterest followers
How to get 500 Pinterest followers

All bloggers know it… blogging is not a piece of cake, especially if you do it not only as a hobby but in a more serious, professional way. I myself started out as a hobby blogger, but over time I thought, why not make a little money with my blog, so I can keep up with the expenses it brings! And so I took it a little more seriously. One of the main problems a blogger has to address is, of course, increasing traffic. Traffic is a way to know if people find your blog and read your content. One of the main sources of traffic for blogs like mine, which is mainly about easy DIYs and crafts, kids and family, and recipes, is of course Social Media. A great way for getting more traffic is by having a successful account on Pinterest and having more than 500 Pinterest followers.

How to get more followers on Pinterest (2020)

I haven’t focused on a lot of Social Media, but I liked Pinterest before I even started blogging. I started out with only a handful of followers, which over many many years, added up to less than a hundred followers. A few months ago – maybe August 2020 – I decided that I needed to focus more on Pinterest and growing my followship.

And so I did! I went from 100 to 500 Pinterest followers in three months without paying anything! I increased my Pinterest followers for free! Some might think this is not much of a milestone, but for me, it is a great one! And I don’t really believe people that say hey I made 10000 followers in two weeks… maybe there is a way, but I didn’t find it…at least not a free of charge way! It was hard work and it required some devotion! Read on to find out how I did it!

How to get 500 Pinterest followers: 10 simple tips

  • 1.       Take it seriously and set a realistic goal

As for all our goals, the first step is to determine it and work towards it. Set up a business account so you can have insight into your analytics. I worked on my Pinterest account 10 to 30 minutes a day so I could reach 500 followers on Pinterest in a few months. This was the amount of time I could invest, and I stuck to it!

  • 2.       Work on your profile

Your profile picture, title, and description is your front page, the first thing someone searching will notice. So take care of it, be friendly and inviting, simply be yourself! Also, you have to try to create relative and unique boards to make your profile page stand out. Many create a distinct image for their board cover to make their profile look more organized and professional. I myself haven’t gotten around to do that, but it’s on my TO-DO list!

  • 3.       Pin only quality pins from other people

What you share has to be something you like and love and honestly would like to share with a friend. The pins should mostly be relevant to what you want to represent, so I focus on yummy recipes, fun crafts, and advice for families!

  • 4.       Make your own pins stand out

Naturally, you want to promote your own blog, so go back to your posts and give them a Pinterest makeover. You will need to choose your best photos or find some free ones online and try learning a photo editing program or an easy app like Canvas, which is what I am using. Add a catchy title, a description, and relevant hashtags to your pins and post them regularly!

  • 5.       Follow Pinterest best practices

Pinterest has a very comprehensive best practices guide which is really useful! Main things that I watch out for: don’t pin the same picture, don’t pin the same pin to more than 10 boards and don’t mass pin, mass follow, or mass unfollow.

500  pinterest followers
How I got 500 Pinterest followers and more than 250K monthly viewers
  • 6.       Follow pinners worth it

Pinning and following other pinners is the essence of Pinterest. It makes the platform work and this is exactly what you have to do to be part of it! I don’t like following and then unfollowing somebody for no reason, I find it quite unpolite! So I don’t care about my following/follower ratio. I just follow whoever I find interesting and I am always happy to follow back or receive a follow back!

  • 7.       Pin regularly quality pins and engage

You have to pin yours and other pins regularly to make yourself noticeable. That’s why you have to go and work on the Pinterest platform every day. Go pin, follow, comment, and organize your boards on a steady basis! Be a lively, energetic part of Pinterest!

  • 8.       Join group boards and follow the rules

Group boards are a wonderful way to reach more people. Try to find quality boards to join, with friendly people that keep their boards clean. Follow the board’s owner rules and pin only allowed pins. A great way to find group boards to join is to find a successful pinner in your niche you like and search her profile for her group boards. Some will be closed for new contributors, but there is a good chance that you can find group boards that will accept new contributors!

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Thank you!

  • 9.       Promote your pins inside your content and on your homepage

Upload your pin images to your posts and ask your readers to pin it! Use a plugin that creates a hovering pin button over each image. Also, make it easy for people to join your social media platforms and follow you, by installing a social media button creator on your sidebar. Make it sticky or floating, so it is there available at all times. Lastly, add a widget to your sidebar where you display some of your best pins to invite people to follow you. You can make such pins using the Pinterest Developers tools.

  • 10.   Make a Follow me on Pinterest pop-up

Since my main traffic came from Pinterest, I wanted to invite pinners to follow me when they came across my site. The by far best way to do that was to create a simple pop-up invitation to follow me, using a plugin. This pop-up appeared to visitors while they were reading my post and most of them followed me! The only down-side of such pop-ups? It’s a so-called “call to action” invitation. So when a visitor clicks on it, he might not come back to your post or click on an ad or download link. That’s the reason I activate such a pop-up only from time to time.

How to grow your Pinterest account

So these are my simple, honest tips on how to increase to 500 Pinterest followers in a few months! And they helped me to get to plus 250K monthly viewers, too! Have you any tips for me, too? Leave a comment and tell me all about it!

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get Pinterest followers
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