DIY Painting Station Hack for Small Projects

A couple of years ago, we started a new hobby: modern board games! A whole new world opened up for us! There are so many great board games out there, and there is something for everyone! You can choose between a vast variety of genres, mechanics, difficulty, and themes! One of these genres is board games that come with miniature figures. These come mostly unpainted, but some games have them prepainted. Painting miniatures is even a profitable profession for some very talented artists, and you can find a lot of miniature painting supplies in stores and online. I myself, not the most artistic person in the world, tried out painting some of the miniatures from one of our favorite board games, Arcadia Quest! But, to do that, I needed to get organized so I could paint anywhere in our house without creating a mess and making clean up easier! Since the main supplies like paints and brushes aren’t the cheapest craft supplies, keeping my organizing low budget, was also important. So I created my very own, portable, DIY painting station for small projects! Read on to learn what I did!

DIY Portable painting station for small projects
DIY Portable painting station for small projects

Things you will need to create your own portable DIY painting station for small projects

mobile painting station for small projects
My portable painting station for small projects
  • A foldable bed table or a couch table, like these:

  • Optional: a craft mat sized smaller than the table or cut to size, to help to keep it clean, like these:

  • Plastic make-up organizer with lots of different sized storage that will fit nicely on your table, while allowing a good amount of free painting space, like these:

And, of course:

  • Variety of paint brushes
  • Small paint containers
  • Miniatures or other small paint projects

How to organize your paint supplies

To organize your paint station, all you need to do it to assemble the table and makeup organizer if needed. Then, add your silicon mat to the top of your table and position the makeup organizer somewhere where it best suits you. Next, put the brushes and paint containers into the make up organizer and you are already ready to go! Some of these tables even have a spot for a glass, perfect to keep your painting water cup in there. This is so easy to do, and keeps everything nice, clean, and organized! You now can paint anywhere where there is good lighting and – maybe – a good company.

portable painting station for small projects
Everything fits nicely intothe make-up organizer!

Tips for painting small objects

Painting small objects like board game miniatures is different than painting on canvas. Firstly, you will need small detail brushes and acrylic paints in small containers, so they won’t dry out. Also, having very good lighting and even a magnifying glass can be extremely helpful! Patience is another quality you will need, lots of it!

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