Meeting Don Rosa at TheComicCon Thessaloniki

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I don’t think I have mentioned this, but I am a huge Scrooge McDuck Universe fan! I love the Duck family since I was little, and I always prefered their stories instead of the Mickey Mouse ones. Unfortunately, most of my comic book collection got lost when my family moved from Germany to Greece. But, I soon discovered a greek comic book series which was a collectible one and it’s called ΚΟΜΙΞ (KOMIX). The unusual thing about this series was that they always had articles and editorials. They would analyze the stories and introduce the creators of the stories! It was so fun and interesting to read indepth information about all that!

Don Rosa Scrooge statue
Me and this wonderful statue of Don Rosa’s Scrooge McDuck

What I love about Don Rosa’s Duck Stories

I soon realized that I loved the duck stories of a particular artist the most! The illustration had so much detail, the stories where so funny and every info seemed to be well-researched and accurate!! Well, as accurate it could be in a universe full of ducks!. The artist’s name was Don Rosa (learn more about him)! He truly is the best after Carl Barks, in my opinion. He transformed and continued Carl Bark’s stories, explained their backrounds and improved the story telling. I would read all Don Rosa’s stories first and I even bought special editions with his stories in them! One of the best known stories by Don Rosa is “The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” and it’s epic! I love it for letting us see how Scrooge McDuck became the character he was and get to know his family history!

Finding out Don Rosa comes to my hometown!

Lucky Luke -ehm – welcoming everybody to The Comic Con

So after all this, I found out that he would come to my hometown, Thessaloniki Greece, for a Comic Con! As soon as I saw this I reserved two-day tickets, to make sure that I would be able to get some of my comic books signed! Unfurtunatly, we were only allowed two signings per person, but, since I went with my husband, we could bring four books!

Meeting Don Rosa

After a couple of months, the time finally came! We went to Thessaloniki and took off to the place the Comic Con would take place! Since we made it there only in the afternoon, I was so dissapointed to find out that we could not see him! There were so many people there already, the line was closed! We made the best out of it and visited the rest of the Comic Con, which was absolutely fantastic! Not only comic books, but everything fantasy and even board games where available to see and explore!

Don Rosa The Comic Con
Me and Don Rosa!

We returned the next day, half an hour before the Comic Con opened it’s doors! I wanted to make sure we would not miss our last chance to see Don Rosa! And we didn’t!!! We were one of the first in line and soon we were able to see him up close. Don Rosa was very kind and he would talk to each fan for a couple of minutes! We shot some nice pics and he signed our four comic books, plus some of his prints that we bought on the spot! I was so excited and happy, a dream came true! I have to point out, that I have never stood in line for an autograph before, it never felt like something I wanted to do, but with this artist it was completely different! And I was soooo happy!!!

Don Rosa
Don Rosa signing some of his books in my collection!

Comic Con Thessaloniki – was it worth visiting it?

After meeting Don Rosa, we continued visiting the rest of the awesome The Comic Con! There where so many wonderful, talented artists there, some well-known and established and a lot of new, upcoming and very creative new ones! It was lovely meeting them and their work! Also, the convention was full of super nice statues and props, cosplay artists, fantasy and comic book accessories, and much more wonderful stuff! There also were happenings, seminars, and speeches taking place, about comic books and art. Finally, for us, we loved the board game sections where we could even try and play some of the games that are on our wish list!

We didn’t take our two kids as we didn’t know how much waiting would be involved, but if I knew how easy the second time would be, I definetly would have brought them for the experience. Well, they will come along to the next Thessaloniki Comic Con, even if there will be no Don Rosa…! There will be definitely many many nice things for them to see and be inspired!

Mike and “Batman”… because there can only be one Batman, and that’s Christian Bale!

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