DIY Christmas Decorations: Simple hack to decorate more with less

Christmas DIY decorations hack
Our Christmas DIY decorations hack

Christmas is just around the corner and we are looking for ways to DIY Christmas decorations for our home to make it look festive and inviting! I have a lot of Christmas ornaments that I don’t use anymore, but they are too beautiful to get rid of, so I always am looking for ways to use them in a different way. But often the quantity of some is too small since you can only have that many Christmas decoration items at home! So to get the most out of them I use this ultra-simple hack to make a wonderful DIY Christmas centerpiece or on a shelf! See if it works for you as well!

Materials you will need

  • A clear glass vase

  • Ornaments assortment (different sizes, colors to match your decor)

  • Led lights battery or usb charged, about 15 ft long

  • A cardboard tube a little below the height of your glass vase. You could use a styrofoam cylinder or cone of the right size for that if you have one lying around. I used a simple cardboard tube from a used-up paper towel roll.

diy christmas decor hack materials
DIY Christmas decor hack materials

How to create a wonderful DIY Christmas centerpiece

  1. The first step is to clean your glass vase so it is shiny and beautiful!
  2. Put the cardboard tube vertically into your vase. Make sure the tube is shorter than your vase. You can close the upper opening of the cardboard by pinching it together or gluing a cardboard lid on it (optional)
  3. Put your led lights at the bottom of the glass vase, around the cardboard tube.
  4. Add the ornaments around and above the cardboard tube so you hide as much as possible.
  5. Your DIY Christmas decoration is ready to add atmosphere to your home!

DIY Christmas Decor clever hack

This is it! As simple as that! With just a few items you can create a wonderful DIY Christmas centerpiece! Using this clever hack you can make DIY Christmas decorations with less!

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Christmas DIY decorations hack
Simple Christmas DIY decorations hack

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