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Christmas Cookie Recipe and Gift Idea: Santa’s Sleigh Cookies

christmas cookies santa sleigh

There is still time to make this treat like a nice gift for any child. This year, I made some cookie sleighs! You can involve your little ones like I did, by giving them some cookie dough to make the cookies with cookie cutters or let them help with the festive decoration or fill the sleighs with goodies! You will need: Your favorite sugar cookie or gingerbread recipe, or use mine Sleigh cookie cutters or a template. I will give the link to that at the end of the post. Your favorite icing, or use mine Candy canes Decorations such as…

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Kids Christmas Craft With Cardboard Paper Tubes

figures out of tubes

We have been busy the last days since Christmas is on our doorstep! One of the crafts we did was making some Christmas people out of cardboard paper tubes! Those are so versatile, I did never think about them that way. You can use whatever tubes you can find, from paper towel rolls to toilet paper rolls everything goes. We also used some googly eyes, but you can paint the eyes on. So, you’ll need, other than the tubes and colored paper, glue and scissors and maybe some items for decoration. When you’ve decided what you want to make, measure…

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