Easy Kids Craft: Penguin Finger Puppets

Learn how to make these finger penguin puppets!

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This easy kids craft project was shared by a close friend of mine and her kids! She knows how I am always looking for new fun crafts for kids to make, so she immediately sent it to us! They did a wonderful job, I can tell you that! Thank you so much for sharing!!! We can’t wait to make some craft together, soon!

Easy kids craft penguin finger puppet
Easy kids craft penguin finger puppet

Materials to make some cute penguin finger puppets

So, it is quite simple to make the penguins and a lot of fun, too!!! You will need stuff that you will have probably already in your house:

  • Black cardboard or paper for the penguin’s body
  • White cardboard or paper for the eyes and belly
  • Orange cardboard or paper for the nose
  • Paper glue
  • Scissors
  • A black or other color marker for the eyes or googly eyes
  • A pencil for tracing, if you need to
  • Other colors of cardboard or paper  and yarn if you’d like to add some more details
ready pinguins
DIY penguin finger puppets

How to make the easy kids craft penguins

  1. To get started, you’ll need to cut out of the black cardboard the penguin’s body and cut out two holes for the fingers. The shape of the penguin’s body is quite simple, you will not have any trouble with it, but if you want, first trace the shape of the body with a pencil and then cut it out Out of the white cardboard cut some oval eyes and the belly, like shown in the image. Also, cut a small triangle out of the orange cardboard.
easy kids craft penguin finger puppet diy and items
Items to be glued on the penguin’s body

2. Now, you can glue all elements on the penguin’s body. You can make him take on any expression you can think of.

easy kids craft penguin finger puppet diy
The first penguin
easy kids craft penguin finger puppet diy
and the second penguin

3. Now, take the marker and draw some details on the eyes to make your penguin alive, and ready you are to begin playing with them!!!

4. You could also add some other decorations to them if you would like to. A scarf, a hat or funny hairs out of yarn, would be a funny addition, don’t you think?

Last step: Have fun!!!

Once the penguins are ready, your kids can begin their adventure!!! Think about a story, add items and scenery, and just get started. Even a cute little diy puppet theater like this one from the blog Ruffles & Rain Boots would be wonderful for this and other stories to imagine and play!

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DIY balance beam hack for toddlers using carpets

Sometimes the simplest things can make the best toys for your kids!

 DIY Balance beam hack for toddlers
DIY Balance beam hack for toddlers

This one was discovered by my kids! Here in Greece, most of us have winter carpets and – not that necessary – summer carpets. When the seasons change we change the carpets accordingly! So, the time came for us to roll out our winter carpets, as annoying as it is to try to get some playdough out of it later on. We rolled the first one out, but, something – I don’t remember what – happened and we let the second one rolled up on the floor. The minute the kids saw it, the fun began! And behold, our DIY balance beam hack for toddlers using carpets came to life!

Up and down, back and forth, crawling, running, or balancing, they couldn’t get enough of it!!! It is kind of safe, since it has almost no height and we have it on the other carpet, so even if they should fall – which has not happened yet – it won’t be a hard fall.

Using everyday items can be so fun for kids!

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It is so funny! You go out and buy all this stuff for them, only to find out that an everyday item could be so much more entertaining. And it is good for gross motor skill and balance skill development, too!!!

DIY balance beam hack
DIY balance beam hack using carpets

So, we let the carpet a few days rolled up, luckily the weather is warm enough until now. I can imagine making a whole set up with different types and lengths of carpets to challenge them even more!

If you have somewhere an old carpet, bring it into the room, tie the ends with some tape so it doesn’t roll open, and let your kids enjoy it! Not only will it provide hours of fun, but it will also teach them to use their imagination and innovation, repurposing everyday items and giving them a new role!

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But even if you don’t have a carpet available, there are these perfect foam balance beams meant for gymnastic training out there that would be perfect:

Also, you can buy these wonderful, fun, balancing step toys instead!

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click an ad link and purchase something, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

How To Make DIY Ikea Hack Kids Bookshelves

We made some cute bookshelves with this Ikea hack!

diy books shelves
Our children’s new bookshelves

As our children book collection grew larger, we didn’t have any place to arrange my children’s books! And I certainly didn’t want to spend a lot of money to store them. While surfing the web one day, I came across the idea of an Ikea hack kids’ bookshelves and the day came to make it! In that post they painted the shelves white, we, on the other hand, thought to make them cheerful and colorful!

What did we do to make these Ikea hack kids bookshelves?

First of all, we bought some inexpensive selves used for storing spice containers. We used the ones from IKEA, which cost 6.99$ each. I am sure there are other selves or spice racks suited for this as well, but those were used also in the original article I got the idea from, so I used them, too.

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Thank you!

ikea bekvam shelf
Ikea shelf

Next, we bought some plastic-acrylic paints– they were cheaper than the ones made for wood. We went for the colors green, yellow and red and our super-dad painted them. You can choose any colors you like, so it will match the room’s decor. Also, chalk paints are very popular these days, you could use them, too! And I am sure, spray paints would work great as well!

ikea hack kids bookshelves shelf and paints
Everything is ready to start painting

After they were completely dry, our dad put them together. Although first, we wanted to make one shelf green, one yellow and one red, our dad assembled it using different colors – brilliant!

ikea hack kids bookshelves
All colorful, dry and ready

Then he got his drill and put them up on the wall. Come to think of it, all the hard work was done by my hubby. Thank you so much for that!!!

And here is the result! Colorful, vibrant kids bookshelves, perfect for any kids room! Aren’t they great?

ikea hack kids bookshelves childrens book shelves
Finished children’s bookshelves

The kids loved them, they immediately wanted to start reading their books!!! You can read a post about our most children’s favorite books and our book advent calendars!

Amazing Dried Citrus Ornaments for DIY Christmas Decor

Learn how to make these rustic, classic and beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments

dried citrus ornaments
Dried citrus fruit ornaments (image source)

Making our own Christmas ornaments with my kids is one of my favorite activities this time of year. One cheap but awesome and beautiful idea is to make some Dried Citrus Ornaments for DIY Christmas Decor, using citrus fruit peels! Sooooo nice!

You can use any citrus fruit you like; oranges, mandarins, limes, grapefruits or lemons. Then, you have two choices. Either cut the fruit carefully into thin slices or peel carefully the skin off the fruit.

Dried orange slices and other natural craft material can also be found on Amazon.us:


If you choose to slice the fruits, arrange the slices on a lined baking tray and put the tray in a preheated oven at about 90-100°C. They should not touch each other. Bake them for about 2-3 hours, depending on how thick the slices are while turning them on the other side every 30 minutes or so. You should check every slice separately and when one dries out, get it out of the oven and let the others dry some more. Let them cool down completely and then pierce a hole in them. Now you can use anything you like, some yarn, cord or a nice ribbon, depending on the use you are planning for them. Even paper clips or ornament hooks could do the trick.

Using cookie cutters to make citrus peel ornaments

If you choose to use the peel, take some nice cookie cutters, like for example a star-, moon-, tree- or heart cookie cutter and cut the shapes out. Now, do the same as above. Isn’t it easy?

You can use also some spices or essential oils for more aroma, and even decoration!

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dried citrus ornaments
Dried citrus fruit ornament with cinnamon decoration (image source)
dry ornaments3
Dried citrus fruit ornaments on hooks (image source)

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Thank you!

Did you know you can buy dried natural materials to create your wreaths or garlands? There are even whole dried oranges or handy mixes of materials… You can find them here from Amazon.co.uk:

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