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Toddler Fun Play with “Mais”


So, do you know the craft material “Mais”? It’ s an amazing, versatile, creative toy! They are like those eco-packaging material, with the difference that they come in colors! They stick together just with a little water and you can cut them, in order to get the shapes that you need. It’s a really great toy for toddlers and younger children. It promotes fine motor skills, color recognition, imagination, and creativity. You can really build whatever you want with it – well, we build mostly chains, but that’s another story! – and here are some examples of what you can…

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Sock snowmen

sock snowmen

I had to share this, they are sooooooo adorable!!! I will definitely try to make some of them together with my kids (well, at least with the older one). When I do – and if they are somewhat presentable 🙂 – I’ll post the pictures. The link for the really easy instructions is

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Fun Toddler and Kids Food – Rolling A Toast

French Toast Cheesecake Roll-Ups

So simple and yet mouthwatering! Just get (or make!) some whole-grain toast bread without crusts – or cut them off. Then flatten the slices with a rolling pin. And now get creative! Use whatever ingredients you like. Tomato, cucumber, cream cheese, ham, the variations are countless! You can combine fruits as well. Once you have arranged them on the toast, all you – or your kids – need to do, is to roll them up. If you want you can cut them in a way that they get a “sushi” look, or you can grill them. Tasty!!! For a sweeter…

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Baby finger food ideas and tips – and a meatball recipe

turkey meatball

Somewhere after the age of 9-10 months, babies start demanding to eat food with their hands. And by all means, let them do exactly that! It will create a mess, agreed, but it is a very important development stage for your baby to do exactly that. It needs to explore the food, get to know it, examine it in every aspect, not just to fill its belly. So, in order for your baby to get to love food for what it is, you need to keep in mind a few things: 

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A little different Souvlaki

fruit sticks2

My kids love to eat food on a stick, like “Souvlaki” or kebab. So, here is an idea, colorful, fun and nutritious, if you choose the right ingredients. Use whole-wheat or multi-grain bread, even better if it’s home-made, turkey fillets, high-quality cheese (e.g. Greek Graviera Cheese) and vegetables, like tomato, cucumber, carrots, baby spinach leaves or some other green leaf vegetable. Then use some fun cookie cutters and

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Marshmallow happy pops


Marshmallows are a favorite candy. Pops are fun. Colorful sprinkles are just making you happy. And chocolate… well, chocolate is just the best thing!!! So, what will you get, if you combine all of those wonderful things? Marshmallow happy pops!!!    

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Toddler felt christmas tree

This is a great and fun activity for your toddler. Just get some green felt and cut out a large Christmas tree. Then, using different colors, cut out some decorations and make candles, gifts, ornaments and, of course, a star for the top! Put some self-adhesive velcro on the back of each decoration item and your toddler is ready to enjoy it! Again and again and again!!! This works also with plain paper, but you will need glue to get the items to stick, except if you think of another solution, e.g.velcro on both, items and tree.