DIY Photo Prop Idea: Chalkboard Sign

I wrote a simple, each time different wish on the photo prop sign for the kids to hold up. Here, I have written “Happiness” (eytichia)

When my girl was still in kindergarten, we wanted to organize a photo-shooting with her classmates to make a calendar and, at the same time, a keepsake. But coming up with an idea that would be feasible with twenty 5-year-old kids, wouldn’t cost much, but would still be super-cute, wasn’t an easy task! Finally, I came up with an easy photo-shoot idea: each kid would hold up a DIY photo prop chalkboard sign with one wish each for the new year. All these individual photos would be photoshopped into one photo collage, that would be printed out. This photo collage would be the background for our kindergarten class calendar!

Getting started with the idea of our DIY photo prop

To see how it would look, I took an example photo of my girl with a blackboard notice board I had in the house. I simply wrote “I love you” on it and gave it to her to hold it up! And we loved it!

First try with a blackboard I had at home. I wrote down “I love you” (sagapo)

How to make the DIY chalkboard sign for photos

The next step was to make a nice framed chalkboard. The most difficult thing was finding an old wooden frame that looked nice enough to use. I found exactly one of those in my craft stash box! I painted it bright red using acrylic paint because it would pop out on the photo! At first, the idea was to print the photos in black and white, leaving only the red of the frame in color… but in the end, we decided that we wanted all the photos to be fully colored.

The next step was to paint the back of the frame with some black chalkboard brush-on paint. After assembling it, we had our DIY photo prop ready in no time!

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making the diy framed blackboard for photo prop
Preparing the frame and back to be our DIY photo prop
DIY photo prop chalkboard sign is ready for action!
Our DIY photo prop chalkboard sign is ready for action!

Tips to make kids smile as cute as they can for a photo

The photo-session went very smoothly, but most of the kids were a little nervous. Therefore, I – acting as the photographer with my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera – just kept talking to them and most of them would give me a smile eventually…

Our DIY photo prop sign, with the word “Love” (agapi).. what better wish is there?

The best part was that their sweetest smile came when I asked them something about their mommy: if they loved her, if she made them yummy chocolate surprise cakes sometimes, or if they liked cuddling with her. Their faces would just light up immediately and whisper “yes”… it was so sweet!!!

Making the photo collage was not that difficult, and the end result was stunning! All of the kids and all parents loved it and wanted extra copies to give to grandparents and other loved ones!

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