New Year’s Eve Gold Party

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I love entertaining friends in my house, and what better opportunity is there than to throw a New Year’s Eve Gold Party? So this year I decided to do just that! Having to work all day though makes preparations more challenging! So I am always looking for easy things to prepare and organize well ahead of time. One thing you can do long before New Year’s Eve is to decide if you want a theme for the party and to order or DIY all the party decorations you need. I was between three choices I really loved: a) Gold Party colored theme b) Silver theme and c) Clock theme. After a lot of consideration and browsing online for ideas, I went for the Gold colored theme! I am not a professional, but maybe you can get some ideas and inspiration for your party! Read on to see what I did!

Gold Gold Gold New Years Eve Gold Party Decorations

First things first: Get your decorations! I searched my house and online to find golden decorations of any kind. The secondary colors I chose were black and white. I remembered a cream tablecloth with golden details I had in my closet, so I started from there for the New Year’s Eve Gold Party.

A black cylinder hat from a game with magical tricks my kids had was cool to use as a container for chips. I also had some black dishes and trays, so I got those out, too.

Next, I ordered gold–black and gold–white napkins, pillows, garlands, New Year’s party decorations, more trays, and confetti, as well as golden sparkling runners and curtains.

I also found a beautiful black–gold clock and an hourglass with golden confetti sand inside. Some golden candles and black candle holders, two golden numbers for the Year with lights, and a lot of black and golden balloons completed everything. Some of the balloons were glued to the ceiling and walls using double-sided tape and ribbons.

Food and drinks for a New Year’s Eve Gold Party

As for the food we decided to go for finger food. So I prepared some mini pancakes and topped them with a variety of toppings, such as salmon and dill, shrimp sauce, and prosciutto with cheese. Those were arranged on a black platter.

Chips were added to the cylinder hat I lined with a golden napkin. I also bought lots of Ferrero Roche chocolates and removed the brown paper from them, so all that remained were sparkling gold chocolate bites! Of course, there had to be Champagne and other drinks! To make them look according to my decorations, I wrapped them up in some golden sparkling cloth and arranged them along with the glasses.

Special Greek New Years Tradition: Vasilopita

The Greek Traditional Vasilopita (Pita of Saint Basil – Agios Vasilis, the Greek Santa) could not be missing from our table. Vasilopita appears in every Greek house on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Every place in Greece has its own way to make them, some prefer savory, others a sweet recipe.

My favorite cake recipe

I like to make our favorite cake recipe we love (double the amount). I covered it in a simple milk chocolate frosting and finished it off with lots of matching edible gold sparkling. Finally, I used white chocolate to write “Kali Chronia!” (Happy New Year!) wish and golden numbers of the New Year. The special thing about Vasilopita is that you hide a coin inside it. Whoever finds the coin in his/hers piece, will have – so says the tradition – an especially good year! If you would like to read more about the origin of this tradition, follow this link to Wikipedia!

Gold New Years’ Eve Party Fun!

This party is all about having fun and sharing precious moments and wishes with loved ones! Having a theme adds to the celebrations and feelings. And we even popped golden party confetti poppers at midnight (which will literally end up in every corner and niche of your house – consider yourself warned!)

Kali Chronia – Happy New Year!!

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