My first award!


What better way for me to close a somewhat stressful day, than to accept my first blogging award, ever!

Thank you Sanjana from for nominating my blog, you can’t imagine how much it means to me!

And of course, thank you from for creating such a great award! It is worth the effort, cause it makes people like me happy!

So, now the difficult part. I am supposed to write some random thing about me! Well, let’s see… So, after about 10 minutes of thinking what to write about me, I decided to write that I love going to a certain playground on the beach on a sunny early spring Sunday with my kids!!! It is the best thing to do on such a day!!!

The next thing to do is to name 5 blogs that I, and I quote “enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts”. So here they are!






Thank you, everyone!!!

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