DIY Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Ideas

I love to prepare a cool party for my kids and this Elena of Avalor Party was no exception! Pinatas, treats and fun ideas!

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There was a time my daughter was crazy about her after the Tangled – Rapunzel party. When this craze was over, she wanted an Elena of Avalor Birthday party and I went to my friend Pinterest to find some DIY ideas for her party!

Elena of Avalor Birthday Cake and Treats

The Elena of Avalor Birthday Cake was kept simple. I asked a friend to make me a simple red and blue (colors of Avalor) cake. For the top of that cake, she printed out and glued some of the main characters on a stick. I also had a small, silver tiara that I wanted to put on the cake, but beware!!! You – and I learned that the hard way – can’t simply use a silver tiara on an Elena of Avalor birthday cake!!! So what can a mom do? She (I) painted the tiara with some gold acrylic paint, so it could be finally used as a proper Elena of Avalor cake decoration!!! But you can find lots of tiaras online, that is like the “real” Elena tiara… I also found some golden birthday cake candles which were perfect for the theme and the cake was ready!

To make some matching treats I used my favorite party Strawberry Oreo pops recipe!!!

I made three kinds of truffles. One kind was simple truffles that I covered in red and white chocolate and wrapped with foil. I printed out some Elena pictures on shelf adhesive paper, cut them out, and put them onto the foil.

Elena of Avalor Birthday Party treats
Elena of Avalor Birthday Party treats

The other two were made as cake pops on sticks. To decorate those, I printed out two different Elena pictures (two for each cake pop, front, and back) and cut them and glued them onto the stick so the cake pop would become Elena’s dress.

Lastly, I prepared some easy to bake chocolate muffins. I added chocolate frosting to some and prepared toothpicks by gluing printed Elena pictures. I used strawberries as Elena’s dress and secured them with the toothpicks I mentioned. To the rest of the muffins, I added white vanilla frosting. I also sprinkled some red heart sprinkles over them. Lastly, I added the toothpicks without the strawberries (there were not so many strawberries in March!!)

DIY Elena of Avalor Birthday Party Ideas: Easy Mateo’s Tamburitas craft

To keep the kids busy, I prepared some super simple Mateo tamburitas. All I did was get small white paper plates and sticks. I covered the sticks with some big plastic straws for safety and color!. They need to be paper plates in order to be colored. For each tamburita, you will need to glue or staple the two plates to each other (deep side to deep side). Then enter the stick and secure that, too.

I provided a lot of coloring markers and pencils, and all the kids had super much fun! I tried to add some dried big beans to the tamburitas to make them noisier but decided not to do that. The reason was safety concerns since I had invited small kids to the party. But if you want to use the idea, it worked when I tried it!

To complete everything, I printed out a picture of Mateo yielding his magic tambourine. I also added a text to explain what to do and put it in a frame next to the ready to decorate tamburitas.

Elena of Avalor Pinata

Of course, no party is complete without a Pinata! This year I had so little time, that I had to make the project simpler. I decided to make a simple round pinata. I used the same technique as with all of my other pinatas, with colors that match the theme. Next, I just printed out an Elena of Avalor picture in the same size and glue that onto the pinata, which really worked great!

So that was our Elena of Avalor birthday party! I hope you liked it and found some ideas to use! Check out some other birthday party themes to get more inspiration!

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party Ideas

Another party with a great theme: Rapunzel or Tangled! Fun ideas and how to make a wonderful Rapunzel tower pinata!

After some years of small birthday parties for my girl, the time had come to organize a bigger, princessy party for her with all her friends from school and some other friends outside of school. The theme she chose was a Tangled Birthday Party – otherwise known as Rapunzel.

Naturally, I went on Pinterest to get inspired. And boy did I get inspired! There were so many ideas out there, that it became really difficult to choose from… of course, as so many times before, I went for the easier ones, since time is something I don’t have so much of.

What every birthday party needs

There are three things essential for all my kid’s parties (other than the guests, ha!). The birthday cake, the pinata, and a thank you present for the kids! So let me start with the easy part, the cake! It was easy because a really talented friend of mine made it! I only provided the Rapunzel doll. It turned out really great for our Tangled birthday party and my girl loved it!

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click an ad link and purchase something, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Tangled Birthday party Rapunzel Doll Birthday Cake
Our Rapunzel Doll Birthday Cake

How to make the Tangled Tower Pinata

Tangled Rapunzel birthday Party Ideas diy pinata
Tangled/Rapunzel Birthday Party Ideas

I, on the other hand, started crafting the ou Tangled birthday party pinata. We chose a Tangled Tower for it. The technique we used was the same as for the Star Wars Pinata we made for another birthday party.  As a first step, I cut out two round disks (I used a plate as a template) for the bottom and the top of the tower. Then I made a tube-shape out of cardboard, high enough to make a nice tower.

After that, I used tape – a lot of it – to tape the tube shape to the bottom disk. I made a hole through the center of the disk and secured the rope. My husband crafted an “x” an out of two small wooden pieces to tie the rope to, to make sure that the pinata wouldn’t fall down.

Next, I filled the pinata with the necessary candy and treats. I taped the top disk to the upper end of the pinata, making sure to make a hole at the center of it, too and to pull my rope through it. Now it was time to decorate the pinata.

I used purple crepe paper for the tower and decorated it with some artificial flowers. I also printed out Rapunzel, peaking out her window, and glued it in place.

Making the Pinata’s tower top

The next step was to make the cone for the top of the tower. To make it I just cut out another fitting sized triangle from the cardboard and rolled it into a cone, taped it to secure it, and then cut the excess away. The good thing is that it doesn’t need to be perfect since you always can make some adjustments when placing the cone into place and hide imperfections with crepe paper.

Once the cone was ready, I decorated it with pink crepe paper and some felt flower stickers I had, and hot glued it to the tower.

As for the pinata stick, to stay with the Rapunzel theme, I used a small frying pan I had in my kitchen which I decorated with a little yellow string!

The wooden "x" to secure the rope
The wooden “x” to secure the rope
Cone and tube rapunzel pinata
The Rapunzel tower out of a cardboard tube and the top out of a cardboard cone

The pinata was almost ready, and I moved on to my next project… making Rapunzel’s Hair for gifts!

Tangled Birthday party The DIY Rapunzel Pinata
The DIY Rapunzel Pinata

How to make easy Rapunzel Braid Hairbands

To make these, all you need are plain plastic hairbands for girls, hot glue and a lot of yellow string. The thicker your string is, the thicker your hair will be. I used some yellow string that is supposed to be used for kites since I had lots of it. This string is not as thick as I wanted it, so I had to use more of it to get the result I wanted.

So the first step was to cut the string into appr. 1 meter long pieces. If you are going to make them, do a sample first and keep your guests hight in mind – I didn’t want the braid to become too long, for safety reasons. Also, don’t forget that the final braid will be shorter than the pieces of strings, due to – well – braiding it! About 15 pieces where enough to achieve a braid thick enough for my hairbands. Again do a sample to find out what fits. Next, I divided the strings into three lots. Now I was ready to make the braid like you would make a simple braid with your hair.

Long Rapunzel Hairbands
Long Rapunzel Hairbands

To make it easier, I first secured one end of the strings with a small rubber band, then braided, and then secured the other end with another rubber band. I used some hot glue to secure the rubber bands a little more.

Then, I hot glued the braid to the hairband. I did that for about 15 hairbands so you can imagine the time it took… but it was worth it!

Tangled Birthday party Rapunzel Hairbands
Rapunzel Hairbands

A final touch to complete the Pinata

I did, however, have one braid leftover (the first sample I made) and it was just perfect for completing our Pinata! Simple enough, I glued the braid to Rapunzel’s hair and it really did the trick!

Some more extras to complete our Tangled Birthday Party

To complete our guests’ entertainment for our Tangled birthday party, I prepared photo props, Rapunzel and Princess themed for the girls, mustaches, and hats for the boys. These ended up being also presents for the guests as they left the party with them.

Of course, for an extra treat, I prepared some of my all time favorite Strawberry Oreo Cream Cheese pops (recipe I am using here).

So, that was our Rapunzel themed birthday party! We had a lot of fun, and my little girl was so happy with it that it was totally worth the time and effort!

Easy DIY Star Wars Pinata and more Star Wars Birthday Ideas

For many years our son was a huge Star Wars fan and so all of his parties had to be Star Wars themed. Here are some of the ideas we tried and instruction on how to make an easy Star Wars Pinata!

This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend, which means I may receive a commission if you click an ad link and purchase something, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

So, my son is one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know. He has a huge Star Wars figure collection, Mace Windu being his favorite Jedi. As we as a family love themed birthday parties, it was a given that he would have a Star Wars Birthday Party! For two years in a row and we had a blast both times! When I think about making pinatas, I always think that I can’t make one that is cute or with a character I like… for example, I could in no way allow kids to hit Yoda or another Yedi, pinata or not! So, when the time came to decide on the DIY Star Wars Pinata, we had these two ideas: the first one was a very easy Death Star Pinata, and the second one a slightly more complicated but still easy Darth Vader Pinata.

DIY Star Wars Pinata: How to Make a Super Easy DIY Death Star Pinata

All you will need for this pinata are:

  • a white round paper lampshade (I bought mine from IKEA),
  • a piece of cardboard,
  • grey spray paint,
  • black marker,
  • some fishing line or other kinds of string and of course
  • Star Wars candy and favors!!!
diy death star pinata
DIY Death Star Pinata

Assemble the lampshade per instructions. Cover the bottom hole with a small piece of cardboard (secure with some tape). Go outside and spray paint the whole thing grey (if you find a grey lampshade, by all means, buy that if you want, and just skip spray painting it!). With the black marker, add a few features (rectangles to the lampshade so it resembles the Death Star. Fill the Death Star carefully with candy and favors. Since it is made out of paper, take care not to overfill it or else it will bend or even rip. Add the string to the wire on top of the Death Star for hanging. All you need now is a stick and children to hit the pinata and get all the bounty!!!

DIY Star Wars Pinata: How we made our Darth Vader Pinata

To make the Darth Vader Pinata you will need:

  • a cardboard box (I use a cereal box or use some thicker cardboard),
  • painters or another tape,
  • craft glue
  • black crepe paper
  • Darth Vader Mask Template.

Instructions to make a Darth Vader Pinata

Print the Darth Vader Mask Template in a size that will suit you and your box and use it to cut the back and front of the box so they resemble the shape of the mask (you will end up with two mask-shaped cardboard pieces). Don’t worry too much about details, they will most likely get lost when you’ll add the fringes.

Use the box’s sides or cut out a few 4″ wide strips (the longer the better) to use them to connect the two mask-shaped pieces to each other. To do that, use the adhesive tape, which is kind of the most tricky part, especially at the beginning.

Remember to use some string or rope to make a loop for hanging your pinata on top.

Also, don’t forget to fill your pinata with goodies before sealing it completely!

When you have finished with the cardboard pinata, it is time to decorate it. Cut out 2” wide strips of the crepe paper and cut fringes into them.

Try to make them as long as they need to be to cover the pinata from end to end in each row so the result will be nicer looking. Now, with patience, glue all the strips onto the cardboard. Repeat on the back and the sides. This is the most time-consuming step for making the pinata, but it is a rather fun process.

Lastly, cut out the Darth Vader mask highlights from your template and glue them to the front of your pinata. We painted Darth Vader’s eyes red, for a fierce result! Didn’t it turn out great?

diy darth vader pinata
DIY Darth Vader Pinata

More Ideas for a fun Star Wars Birthday Party

To make the e-invitation, I used the Star Wars Crawl Creator, and finding the story to tell was so totally fun!

This is a screenshot of the official Star Wars crawl creator. You can add any text you want, and it creates a video with it, looking like the intro of a Star Wars movie!

For the rest of our first party I prepared green Yoda plates for the cake. To make them you will need just green party plates, and use a stapler to attach some green Yoda ears which you have to cut out of green cardboard.

DIY Yoda plates and DIY Star Wars party game
DIY Yoda plates and DIY Star Wars party game

We made a softball target shoot game (took an old big carton, painted the whole thing with black spray paint (outside!), glued some space stickers I had in the house, and then we just cut out different sized circles, glued some Star Wars Villains on the circles for targets).

Another game we prepared, was the “Pin the lightsaber on the Jedi” game.

Lastly, we gave out some super cool pool noodle foam lightsabers real but safe lightsabers!!! – for every kid after the “Jedi Training”. You could also use some fun inflatable lightsabers!

The moment Darth Vader crushed the party

When the training ended, suddenly, Darth Vader invaded our party to steal the birthday cake! We actually wrote a teaser about this in our invitation: “….Will the Padawans complete their training in-time to become Jedi, so they stand a chance against the upcoming Darth Vader threat and help their friend to complete his birthday celebration?…”.

And fortunately, all of our newly trained Jedi friends managed to fight the Darth Vader off with their newly acquired lightsabers and Jedi skills, and so we could eat the cake after all!!!

To be honest, we did take the cake out of the carton first, before Darth Vader tried to steal it, just to be safe, haha!

star wars birthday party darth vader
Darth Vader came to steal our Star Wars Birthday cake!! But the Jedi were there to save the day!

It was really fun and all of our guests and our birthday boy had a blast!

The second party’s highlight was our DIY Star Wars Pinata of course, which did need to take a lot of hits before it released it’s bounty, being a true Darth Vader Pinata…

You can find a great tutorial with pictures showing the steps to make the Darth Vader pinata at the Minireve blog, that we slightly adjusted since we didn’t want a string pulled pinata as in that post. Check it out here.

Using this same technique you can make virtually any Pinata you can think of… I for one am looking forward to making the next – girly this time – Birthday Pinata 🙂