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Christmas Cookie Recipe and Gift Idea: Santa’s Sleigh Cookies

christmas cookies santa sleigh

There is still time to make this treat like a nice gift for any child. This year, I made some cookie sleighs! You can involve your little ones like I did, by giving them some cookie dough to make the cookies with cookie cutters or let them help with the festive decoration or fill the sleighs with goodies! You will need: Your favorite sugar cookie or gingerbread recipe, or use mine Sleigh cookie cutters or a template. I will give the link to that at the end of the post. Your favorite icing, or use mine Candy canes Decorations such as…

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Healthy Toddler Snack: Whole Wheat Apple Muffins Recipe

Apple muffins

Sunday afternoon is increasingly becoming cake time lately. Or muffin time! Of course, always with the help of my kids. They get really excited every time, they just love to help! And what great helpers they are! I searched for an apple muffin recipe, which would be on the healthier side. After finding some recipes, I decided to go with the one from , which I adapted a bit to fit my taste and the ingredients I had at home. They came out delicious; we loved every bite of them. So, here is the recipe for about 15 muffins Ingredients…

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Fun and Healthy Kids Recipe: Meatballs on a Stick

meatballs on a stick

So, that is a photo of meatballs I made following my meatball recipe. As I have said in another post, my kids like their food on a stick, so that is exactly what I did! Now that my little girl is a little older, I cooked them in the oven. I am a little reluctant to upload my own photos since I am really not in any way a good photographer, nor am I a – even remotely close to – professional cook. I have no idea how to place dishes, how to arrange the food, how to use light, etc. Really,…

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Fun Toddler and Kids Food – Rolling A Toast

French Toast Cheesecake Roll-Ups

So simple and yet mouthwatering! Just get (or make!) some whole-grain toast bread without crusts – or cut them off. Then flatten the slices with a rolling pin. And now get creative! Use whatever ingredients you like. Tomato, cucumber, cream cheese, ham, the variations are countless! You can combine fruits as well. Once you have arranged them on the toast, all you – or your kids – need to do, is to roll them up. If you want you can cut them in a way that they get a “sushi” look, or you can grill them. Tasty!!! For a sweeter…

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Baby finger food ideas and tips – and a meatball recipe

turkey meatball

Somewhere after the age of 9-10 months, babies start demanding to eat food with their hands. And by all means, let them do exactly that! It will create a mess, agreed, but it is a very important development stage for your baby to do exactly that. It needs to explore the food, get to know it, examine it in every aspect, not just to fill its belly. So, in order for your baby to get to love food for what it is, you need to keep in mind a few things: 

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A little different Souvlaki

fruit sticks2

My kids love to eat food on a stick, like “Souvlaki” or kebab. So, here is an idea, colorful, fun and nutritious, if you choose the right ingredients. Use whole-wheat or multi-grain bread, even better if it’s home-made, turkey fillets, high-quality cheese (e.g. Greek Graviera Cheese) and vegetables, like tomato, cucumber, carrots, baby spinach leaves or some other green leaf vegetable. Then use some fun cookie cutters and

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Marshmallow happy pops


Marshmallows are a favorite candy. Pops are fun. Colorful sprinkles are just making you happy. And chocolate… well, chocolate is just the best thing!!! So, what will you get, if you combine all of those wonderful things? Marshmallow happy pops!!!