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Lovely Autumn Moments

Hello everybody!

We had a short but nice trip today and decided to take a detour to a river. It’s the Aliakmonas River (the longest river in Greece). According to Wikipedia “the name Αλιάκμονας is composite and derives from άλς (salt, sea) and άκμων (anvil). In Greek mythology, Haliakmon was one of the Potamoi, who were sons of Oceanus and Tethys, according to the allegorical obsessive-anthropomorphic concept familiar to the Ancient Greeks, on geological upheaval after Deucalion’s deluge.”

I wanted to take this route for a long time and thought that this time of year it would be stunning. And it was! So I wanted to share a few pictures I shoot with you! Enjoy!

bench autumn fall leafs
A bench and its leafs
fall autumn tress
Fall trees
fall leaf path
I love this picture with the path, leafs and autumn trees!
fall river
The River Aliakmonas
fall stone path river
The stony path to the river Aliakmonas
fall trees
Another path to the river and nature’s carpet as my little girl said
fall yellow leafs
Beautiful tall tree with yellow leafs
red autumn sunset
For the ending a dramatic sky at sunset

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