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Visiting the 82nd International Fair of Thessaloniki

The entrance to the 82th International Fair Of Thessaloniki
The entrance to the 82nd International Fair Of Thessaloniki

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Every year in Thessaloniki, a major international fair takes place. It’s kind of a tradition to go and see some of the exhibitors and events that happen there. This year we went as a family, which has its pros and cons. On the positive side, the children see things they don’t see every day and have a fun day, but on the negative side we adults don’t get to see all that we want because kids do get tired so soon (know what I mean?). Well, anyway, we had fun and I wanted to share a few photos I took – one of my new hobbies – with you! The Fair is open until next Sunday (17th September) so if you’re near you really should go!!!

82th International Fair of Thessaloniki Entrance Sign
82th International Fair of Thessaloniki Entrance Sign

First Things First: A Snack

As always, food is an important part of every one of our days out! So, as soon as we saw something worth eating, we took the chance! We got a couple of the famous Thessaloniki’s “Koulouria” which are delicious! You can find them on what it seems every corner of downtown Thessaloniki or in any bakery and they are perfect for breakfast or a snack.

thessaloniki koulouri
The famous snack of Thessaloniki: Koulouri

Entering The Fair

Although there are a few portals to enter the Fair, I usually prefer the one that is closer to one of Thessaloniki’s landmark “The White Tower”. It is an impressive entrance, as you get a close view of Thessaloniki’s tall Radio Tower (also known as the OTE Tower). If you want you can go and get a drink or food in the Café-Bar-Dinner that is located on the top and that rotates, so you can catch a breath-taking view. It is kind of expensive, but definitely worth it!

The OTE Tower
The OTE Tower

First Stop: Recycling

The City of Thessaloniki organized a wonderful informative corner about recycling, where art made of different reused items or scrap metal – like this impressive horse – can be seen. Also, they had a craft table ready for children, where they could make things like flowers or caterpillars out of material that would normally end up in the trash!



Moving On Into The Fair

We then moved on into an area that was dedicated to producers of high-quality Greek, delicious food, like cheeses, olive oils, jars of honey, pies, herbs, nuts and so much more incredible things from all over Greece. Wines and other drinks where also on display. Most producers would advertise their products by offering you small samples, and you can move to buy something you like.

There are areas for other exhibitors, like manufacturers of machinery or cars etc., but we sadly didn’t have the time to go and see them all.

We saw for the first time the train wagon that will be moving in the subway of Thessaloniki once it is finished (hopefully sooner than later!). There was also a wonderful old train wagon to see, which actually was a royal train wagon! What a contrast!



One thing we did go and see was the place of E-Gaming! That was amazing, we could try new technology and cutting-edge computers, VR devices and we could even try out some new video games. There was also a booth where they would produce your own video-game Avatar, but unfortunately, the line was too long to wait with the kids!

Honored Country: China

Every year the organizers choose an honored country, and this year they chose China! Their area was fascinating, as you can imagine since they showed off, on one hand, their amazing culture with traditional clothing, art, foods and on the other they had on display high-tech products, train models, helicopter models, and robots, among other interesting things! One thing that was also impressive was a 3D energy map of Greece (China is a major investor for the energy sector in Greece)!



A Wonderful Visit Ends

After seeing all of these things and many many more, the children got tired, naturally and so we slowly made our way home.

Honored Country: China

It was a great Fair on a wonderful, sunny September day! Can’t wait for next year! Honored country? The USA!!!