Toddler Fun Play With Pompoms

pompom educational game
Color learning with rainbow pompoms- for more ideas and patterns click on the link (image source)

I never thought pompoms are that versatile! There are a lot of great, fun ideas out there, to entertain a toddler with them! Of course, you have to supervise them heavily, especially if you want to give them to a young toddler (under 20 months or so).

Here is something funny. I started out writing this article about pompoms because I saw great uses for them, believing that you only buy them from a craft store. And then I saw tutorials and I thought: Hey, I’ve done this!!! I recalled a long forgotten memory…somewhere in my past, I had made pompoms myself! I must have been somewhat under 10 years or so, and I really did never think about that until now. Isn’t that great?

So, having shared that interesting fact (!), I am going to also share with you some ways of making and using those great pompoms! I’ve got to warn you though! It’s going to be a long post!!!

How to make your own pompoms with your kid

You can buy pompoms, but, as mentioned, you can make your own pompoms as well!!! And if your kids are old enough, they can help with that and have lots of fun! There are few different ways to make them. (Hint: you can use two or more different color yarns to have multicolored pompoms). We for one are definitely going to make some in the next days. Here are three suggestions.

Using –a-fork-to-make-small pompoms

DIY mini-pompoms using a fork (image source)

Make-them-as-you-need-them pompoms


DIY pompoms using cardboard rings (image source)

Using-only-your-hands pompoms

looks like an easy way to make pom poms- could be cute w/ felt or fun yarn for a hair bow.  Or snowballs
DIY pompoms using fingers (image source)

Using pompoms for educational purposes for toddlers and small children

Pompoms are best suited for color learning, size recognition, fine motor skills development and counting. Here are some ideas.

Color learning with rainbow pompoms- for more ideas and patterns click on the link (image source)

Here is another great idea (click on the image link for more details) for a pompom dropping game. Different sizes of tubes are colored and tapped to the wall and the fun begins! The trays are for color sorting (colored paper taped on the bottom)

Pompom dropping (image source)

Next, an idea for counting. You can give your kid every time a different number-star.

Cute for prek/k, give kids a star with a number and they have to put that number of pompoms on the tree.... Christmas Activities
Christmas tree for learning how to count (image source)

Using pompoms for decorations-fun with your toddler or child

And now the possibilities are endless! There are literately thousands of ideas out there, making trees, using them as stamps, making ornaments, using them as “bows” for gifts or for bookmarks decoration, making wreaths, mobiles or little animals and even Angry Birds… I think you got the idea. Below I have chosen some nice creations to give you a kick-off.

More pom-pom yarn chicks - i would stitch the eyes with yarn instead of googly, I think.
Chick pompoms (image source)
Easy to make dots -- just print them by tapping an eraser on a stamp pad.
Gift ribbon pompom (image source)
OMG soooo cute and looks soooo easy to do! Maybe I can get my mom to collect a big old box of pinecones up there in Idaho and send them to me down here in so cal! Then all we'll need is a big old bag of those pompoms from JoAnn's! My new "go to" christmas craft! Yay!
Pine cone decoration with pompoms (image source)
Playing House: Christmas & Winter Crafts for Kids
Christmas decoration with pompoms (image source)
Make this perfect pom-pom for your tree this year. #christmas #crafts
Christmas ornament with pompoms (image source)


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